At China Business School we'll teach you:

  • How to identify the niche to go after.  Are you focused on Chinese companies or individuals?  Chinese groups here in Australia, or consumers in China itself?  
  • Which offerings are most attractive to Chinese to customers.  For instance, are they motivated more by price or quality?  
  • How to get your message out.  There are a large number of both online and offline channels and platforms - some here in Australia, some in China - for marketing to your audience.  We'll show you how to navigate among them.
  • How to make the actual sale, and then deliver the goods or services.  Will you sell through a Chinese e-commerce platform, or will you deliver your products and services directly?  
  • How to deal with basic support issues, like getting paid.  For instance, we'll help you understand the importance of Alipay, UnionPay and other payment options.

We'll give you the tools to answer these questions with confidence, and put your best foot forward when trying to break into a Chinese market.