The Wild Wild East 17 January 2018


NAB warns on lending qualifications as rural property market runs hot

AFR, 07 Jan. 2018

The head of Australia's largest agricultural lender, National Australia Bank's Khan Horne, says the rural property market is running hotter than ever before because of strong fundamentals and low interest rates but, with a royal commission into banking, he is calling on tighter qualifications for anyone lending to farmers to avoid failures and receiverships that have tainted the sector.


Foreign property buyer demand falls prompting warning from Harry Triguboff

AFR, 10 Jan. 2018

Government taxes and credit restrictions have started to hit foreign buyer demand for residential property so hard in Australia that major developers are either pulling out of the apartment market altogether or, like Meriton's Harry Triguboff, are left grappling with Chinese investors who can't settle on pre-sold apartments.


Wee Hur to turn vacant Melbourne building into student housing

AFR, 10 Jan. 2018

Listed Singaporean developer Wee Hur has paid $35 million for a vacant Melbourne commercial building that it will develop into high-rise student accommodation.


NSW and Victorian governments say foreigners are still buying property
AFR, 11 Jan. 2018

NSW says there is no evidence of a decline in foreign investment in residential real estate, while Victoria insists it is experiencing a "steady stream" of interest from offshore.


Developers say foreign investor rules are hurting property prices -- here's what the data says

Business Insider Australia, 11 Jan. 2018

Additional taxes and levies lumped on foreign investors, along with tighter lending restrictions, are taking a toll on Australia’s apartment market, weakening demand which, if it persists, could see new developments shelved in the future.


Currency & Financial

New Sequoia China investment values Australian design company Canva at $1 billion

Tech Crunch, 8 Jan. 2018

Canva, the Australian provider of graphic design software as a service, has become the world’s latest unicorn with a new investment led by Sequoia China.


HNA Group failed to fully disclose control of Virgin Australia stake

SMH, 10 Jan. 2018

The acquisitive Chinese conglomerate HNA Group, which is under scrutiny globally over its opaque ownership structure, lodged five incomplete notices with the ASX that failed to properly disclose how its major stake in Virgin Australia was controlled.


From China to small caps: meet Weimin Xie, Australia's newest money manager

AFR, 15 Jan. 2018

Weimin Xie was only 15 when when his Chinese parents sent him to Australia to further his education.



Food manufacturers warn high power bills, taxes could force them overseas

AFR, 07 Jan. 2018

Food and grocery manufacturers are threatening to shift overseas, costing thousands of jobs, unless Canberra comes to their aid as they battle high energy prices and taxes.


Producers open gates for Beef 2018 property tours

By Beef Central, 11 Jan. 2018

Twelve innovative and progressive Central Queensland beef producers will open their front gates to visitors as part of the Beef Australia 2018 Property Tour Program during the triennial national cattle expo in May.


Beef tariffs fall under Chinese and South Korean FTAs with Australia

The Weekly Times, 11 Jan. 2018

THE Cattle Council of Australia is hoping the latest round of tariff cuts in South Korea and China will keep Australian exporters competitive with foreign rivals.


China's Rifa farm boss David Goodfellow jumps to Canada's pension plan

AFR, 14 Jan. 2018

The chief executive of the Chinese farming operation Rifa Salutary, David Goodfellow, is leaving the business to head up the newly formed Australian subsidiary of Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan – Auston Corporation.



Li Xiyong: coal to stay top of energy heap in China

The Australian, 10 Jan. 2018

Li Xiyong is so confident of the future of Australia's coalindustry that he is investing $2 billion in it. He is also so assured of the industry in China that he told The Australian the size of the coal market there would not fall in 30 years.


Retail & Tourism

Australian luxury retail boom fuelled by Chinese shoppers and micro-influencers

South China Morning Post, 10 Jan. 2018

Chinese students and tourists and Chinese Australian residents are responsible for up to two-thirds of luxury retail sales in Sydney and Melbourne and fashion brands are increasing their retail presence and grooming Chinese influencers


Hotel tycoon Michael Kum eyes more rooms on east coast

The Australian, 12 Jan. 2018

Fresh from opening his latest Sydney CBD hotel, international billionaire hotel tycoon Michael Kum has at least two other real estate deals in play on Australias east coast.



Experts question government's university funding model

The Guardian, 09 Jan. 2018

The government’s plan to tie university funding to student performance is unlikely to make a big difference to enrolments unless changes are made to the way different disciplines are funded, experts have warned.


FMC Asia President Receives Women in Leadership Award from Australia China Alumni Association

PR Newswire, 10 Jan. 2018

The Australia China Alumni Association (ACAA) has recognized Bethwyn Todd, vice president and director for FMC Agricultural Solutions and president of FMC Asia, with the Australian Ambassador's Award for Women in Leadership.  The award recognizes achievements of leading female graduates of Australian universities who inspire other women through their dedication, accomplishments and commitment to the Australia-China relationship.


China Domestic

Knowledge Earns You One Million, Live Trivia Game Is A Hit Now in China

KR Asia, 12 Jan. 2018

Millions of Chinese stop whatever they do once or several times a day, staring at their phone and try to prove their brain is worth one million RMB.



The Wild Wild East 10 January 2018


Hong Kong interests snap up central Sydney office towers

The Australian, 02 Jan. 2018

Hong Kong tycoons and finance houses have set a fierce pace in buying Sydney towers over the past year, and their interest is expected to flow into 2018 as a tide of fresh capital pours out of the territory.


Sydney and Melbourne home prices fall, more declines tipped for 2018

SMH, 03 Jan. 2018

National property markets ended 2017 with a whimper, with half of Australia's capital cities recording falling house prices in December.


'Liberated' by the Chinese: John Holland blossoms under CCCC ownership

AFR, 05 Jan. 2017

When John Holland chief executive Joe Barr walked into the boardroom of Canadian construction group Aecon in November, he faced 40 anxious people in suits.


Harry Triguboff of Meriton keeps a grand vision for development

The Australian, 06 Jan. 2018

Apartment tsar Harry Triguboff will not emulate fellow billionaires Rupert Murdoch and Frank Lowy and sell down his business empire and is instead planning to expand Meriton’s reach to other areas of Sydney, ramping up the workbook with new projects.


Time to say good buy to over-inflated property prices

The Australian, 08 Jan. 2018

Homebuyers are starting to find better deals as the housing market cracks across the country, with some vendors willing to accept prices noticeably lower than this time last year.



Currency & Financial

Bitcoin mania sets tax traps for unwary property sellers

AFR, 05 Jan. 2018

Soaring digital currency prices have forced David Jenkins and his wife Sandra to more than halve the number of bitcoin they're asking for their $5.15 million, four-bedroom, five-bathroom mansion in Queensland's luxury Sovereign Islands.


Property investor Nathan Birch sued over Gold Coast mortgage default

AFR, 04 Jan. 2018

Cracks are appearing in the residential investment market, with well-known Sydney investor Nathan Birch sued by his lender after his company defaulted on a $535,000 high-interest mortgage for a Gold Coast investment property.

Chinese ownership of Merredin airport sparks controversy

The West, 03 Jan. 2018

It’s the rural runway that has been transformed into a multimillion dollar airfield... while Merredin locals love it, others are outraged it's owned by a state-run Chinese company.



Infant formula shake-out in China may cut 85 per cent of brands

AFR, 01 Jan. 2018

Up to 85 per cent of the 2500 infant formula brands competing in the lucrative China market could eventually be locked out under tough new regulations by authorities that came into force on January 1, with some Australian brands likely to be caught up in the global shake-out over the next few months.


Blackmores, Swisse and the battle of China's keyboard warriors

AFR, 03 Jan. 2018

The battle for a bigger chunk of the $20 billion-plus vitamins market in China is increasingly being played out at the keyboard.


The Drinks Business, 04 Jan. 2018

At a time when Australian wine exports to China are at an all time high, China has further reduced tariffs on Australian bottled and bulk wine, which is set to boost Australian wine exports to the country.



Chinese demand to boost commodity export income

The Australian, 06 Jan. 2018

Australia is heading for a resources income boost this financial year as Chinese demand pushes the prices of our four biggest exports — iron ore, coking coal, thermal coal and LNG — beyond expectations.


Retail & Tourism

Hotel plan for Chinese package-deal tourists

Cairns Post, 02 Jan. 2018

A TOUR operator specialising in selling package deals to Chinese visitors wants to build a multistorey apartment complex near the Cairns CBD solely to accommodate tourists.


Priceline Doubles Down on China Under CEO Glenn Fogel

Jing Travel, 03 Jan. 2018

Since he began his tenure as Priceline CEO in January, Glenn Fogel has not shied away from being vocal about Priceline’s and his own hopes for the China outbound tourism market. This is not exactly controversial given the immense potential of growth for the China market in comparison to any other, including the United States. Nonetheless, Fogel has made it clear that substantial challenges remain, and the domestic China market will be largely inaccessible for the foreseeable future. Arguably, the biggest challenge for Priceline is Chinese competitors moving abroad, something that the company has tried to address by investing in and starting partnerships with Chinese firms like Meituan-Dianping and Ctrip.




South China Morning Post, 07 Jan. 2018

On a recent overnight flight from Beijing to Sydney, most of the passengers were mainland Chinese tourists looking forward to a respite of summer sunshine and fun, with some talking excitedly about the upcoming spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks in Sydney, or hot-air ballooning over the Hunter Valley vineyards.


China Domestic

American in Beijing lives his Chinese dream

China Daily, 31 Aug 2017

Terry Crossman has spent 20 years in the city he now calls home


Shaolin monks practise kung fu in the snow

China Daily, 08 Jan. 2018

Shaolin Temple is a Buddhist temple, where monks have been practising martial arts for over 1,500 years. Shaolin kung fu is presented with the movement of human body such as attack, defense and wrestling as its core.



The Wild Wild East 03 January 2018


Full recourse home loans lower defaults but may increase risky lending

ABC Online, 27 Dec. 2017

The tune of Jingle Bells is probably still stuck in your mind in the days after Christmas. But around this time a decade ago it was "jingle mail" that was starting to get attention in the US.


One of Australia's most accurate housing market forecasters says he got 2017 wrong because APRA 'acted too early'

Business Insider Australia, 27 Dec. 2017

SQM Research boss Louis Christopher is the first to admit he got it wrong when he forecast Sydney house prices to surge 11 to 16 per cent in 2017.



Newsreport, 28 Dec. 2017

PORT Douglas realtor Steve Doble may be cautiously optimistic, but does believe there is greater international interest in this area following his recent Chinese acquisition involving a block of land on Mowbray Street that sold for $800,000.


A new report reveals China-backed developers are behind the Adelaide apartment boom

The Advertiser, 29 Dec. 2017

ALMOST 30 per cent of CBD apartments under construction in Adelaide are being developed by Chinese interests, an industry report says, with that figure expected to grow as offshore developers circle the Adelaide market.


Real estate experts expect house prices to fall in Sydney, but don’t expect a bargain any time soon, 30 Dec. 2017

REAL estate experts are expecting property prices to fall in 2018 — but not enough to help first home buyers get a foot on the property ladder.



Currency & Financial

Australian economy to become 11th largest, China to be the biggest

The New Daily, 27 Dec. 2017

Australia will become the world’s 11th-biggest economy within a decade, and China will become the largest, a report predicts.


Chinese firms operating in Australia just normal market behavior: experts

Global Times, 27 Dec. 2017

Chinese firms' engagement in Australia, including the reported renting of Australian airports and running of pilot training schools, is normal market practice and there is no need for the Australian media to over-hype and bring national interests into the issue, Chinese experts said.


Slow growth to continue in 2018 and 2019

The Australian, 31 Dec. 2017

Growth is certain to slow, the deceleration likely to be sharper than currently anticipated by markets. Australia's terms of trade and boost from investment from some entities are likely to suffer.




International prices for wool soared to new highs in 2017 thanks to demand from China. Is it enough to call it a boom?

SBS, 26 Dec. 2017

Amid record international wool prices, Australia’s long-struggling wool growers are asking themselves if they should finally be feeling comfortable.


New Agriculture Minister David Littleproud says Australia needs greater investment in ag

The Weekly Times, 26 Dec. 2017

AUSTRALIA shouldn’t be scared of foreign investment in agriculture, the nation’s new agriculture minister says.


Chinese introduce tough new rules for infant formula sales

The Australian, 28 Dec. 2017

But while the Chinese market is large, sellers from Australia and New Zealand face intense competition from European dairy producers.


Across China: Pastures new battleground for Chinese real estate billionaire

Xinhua, 30 Dec. 2017

SHIJIAZHUANG, Dec. 30 (Xinhua) -- When Xu Xiaobo decided to spend all his savings raising cows five years ago, his EMBA classmates thought the real estate tycoon had went crazy.




China's November coal imports from Australia slip on port congestion

The Energy World, 26 Dec. 2017

BEIJING: Chinese imports of coal from key supplier Australia slipped in November from a year ago, customs data showed, hit by heavy traffic congestion in Australian ports.



Retail & Tourism

Chinese Consumers Now Rule the World. Get Used to It

Bloomberg, 28 Dec. 2017

It’s way past time to stop calling China the world’s factory.

The country is increasingly the world’s consumer. Forget the old investment and export-focused growth model. Even more important is the changing nature of consumption, which no longer revolve around staples: Increasing sums are being plowed into movies, tourism and health care. Investors ignore this seismic shift at their peril.


Chinese tourists look beyond the package tour and hit the road

SMH, 01 Jan. 2018

Intrepid Chinese tourists are eschewing the traditional package tour and hitting the bitumen, according to figures showing a sharp rise in those opting for a caravan or camping trip around Australia.




Universities to Crack Down on Overseas Chinese Students' Plagiarism

Sputnik News, 29 Dec. 2017

Ghostwriting and plagiarism are commonplace in Chinese universities, but foreign academia is finally cracking down on the phenomenon.



China Domestic

Watch: Chinese actor's reading of 'Chu Shi Biao' in English goes viral online

People’s Daily China, 29 Dec. 2017

The dramatic reading of "Chu Shi Biao" in English by Chinese actor Wang Luoyong has gone viral on the Internet on Wednesday.


The Wild Wild East 27 December 2017


Wanda's Gold Fields sale draws regulatory interest

The Australian, 17 Dec. 2017

The sale of Dalian Wanda's flagship Sydney asset, Gold Fields House, three years after it was added to the global giant's real estate portfolio is shaping up as a deal that would be watched by regulators both in Australia and mainland China.


Chinese developer uses Sydney office buildings to get capital for landbanking
AFR, 18 Dec. 2017

Chinese investors and developers have found a way around China's capital clampdown, securing loans from private lenders in Australia using existing properties as collateral.


China's HNA Group to sell $US6bn in overseas property

The Australian, 18 Dec. 2017

One of China's biggest deal makers is looking to sell a large portfolio of commercial properties in New York, London and other major cities, according to people familiar with the matter, in a sharp reversal of its buying spree in recent years.


Ironfish announces strategic investment in

Juwai, 19 Dec. 2017

Ironfish, one of Australia's largest and fastest-growing property investment groups, has announced a strategic investment in


Datong general manager Ping Huang flies out, leaving U2 on Waymouth developer rudderless

The Advertiser, 23 Dec. 2017

SIX WEEKS after the chairman of a troubled Adelaide developer flew to China – allegedly leaving millions of dollars in debt in his wake – his number two has followed suit.



Currency & Financial

China eases back on deals

The Australian, 18 Dec. 2017

The selldown of a possible $US6 billion ($7.8bn) of international assets by China's once acquisitive HNA Group marks the end of a year that saw a sharp slowdown of Chinese outward investment.


Invesco's Max Swango keen on Australia's banking gap
AFR, 18 Dec. 2017

Competition for non-bank lending is reaching boiling point with the managing director of the US-based fund Invesco Max Swango visiting Australia to push hard in the local market and replicate its US strategy of filling the gap banks have left open.


Blackstone, KKR to become big players in Australia's mortgage market
AFR, 19 Dec. 2017

A decade ago, the barbarians had arrived at the barbie. America's top buy-out funds launched dashing debt-fuelled raids of Australia's top companies – Myer, Coles, Nine, Seven and Qantas.


China extends investment crackdown to private sector companies
AFR, 20 Dec 2017

Private-sector Chinese companies looking to invest overseas will now face similar scrutiny to their state-owned counterparts, in what is shaping up as a further obstacle for deals into Australia.


New Zealand blocks China's HNA due to ownership doubts

Reuters, 20 Dec. 2017

WELLINGTON/SYDNEY (Reuters) - New Zealand has blocked HNA Group’s $460 million purchase of a vehicle finance firm owned by Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ.AX) in the latest in a series of setbacks around the world for the acquisitive Chinese conglomerate.




Agricultural cycle on fire: Australian farmland returns closing in on 17 per cent
AFR, 17 Dec. 2017

Returns from Australia's top farming properties are now almost three times higher than those from comparable farm operations in the United States according to the latest farmland index compiled by the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries.


China, Australia free trade deal helps boosts Aussie exports

Under Current News, 22 Dec. 2017

Two years after it first came into effect, the China-Australia free trade agreement (FTA) is continuing to deliver great benefits to both nations, reports Xinhua Net.




Ships in a bottleneck: China, Australia ports clogged as coal, iron ore demand soars

Reuters, 20 Dec. 2017

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - More than 300 large dry cargo ships are having to wait outside Chinese and Australian ports in a maritime traffic jam that spotlights bottlenecks in China’s huge and global commodity supply chain as demand peaks this winter.


Beijing Jingneng seeks clean energy growth from Australia and Beijing Olympics

South China Morning Post, 22 Dec. 2017

Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy, a wind and natural gas energy firm controlled by the Beijing municipal government, is eyeing a major expansion of its renewable energy capacity in Australia and cleaner heating project opportunities from the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.



Retail & Tourism

What you need to know about WeChat, China's tech juggernaut making waves in Australia

ABC Online, 18 Dec. 2017

WeChat is the most popular social media app in China. Since 2011, it has transformed from a messaging tool to an all-in-one super portal, with more than 900 million monthly active users.


How The World's Biggest Brands Are Marketing Christmas To China This Year

Forbes, 19 Dec. 2017

News of a Chinese university banning Christmas to avoid "corrosive" Western culture could fool some into believing that atheist China is the world’s biggest Christmas Grinch. In reality, it is anything but.


Hainan Airlines launches non-stop service between Shenzhen, China and Cairns, Australia

Markets Insider, 20 Dec. 2017

SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Hainan Airlines Holding Co., Ltd. ("Hainan Airlines") launched a non-stop service between Shenzhen, China and Cairns, Australia. The maiden flight of Hainan Airlines HU745, which took off from Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport at 10:50 pm on December 19, 2017 Beijing time, landed at Cairns Airport at 8:30 am on December 20, 2017 local time. Following the roll-out of the Shenzhen-Brisbane service on September 20, 2017, this will be Hainan Airlines' second direct flight service from Shenzhen to Queensland as well as the airline's sixth direct flight service to Australia.




Australia's Diplomatic Dustup With China Threatens Its Number Two Export Industry: Education

Forbes, 18 Dec. 2017

Australia's relationship with its top trading partner, China, is suddenly on the rocks. Echoing the Russian election-meddling scandal in the US, Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has accused China of interfering in Australian politics as Australian Senator Sam Dastyari has been forced from office over allegations of Chinese influence-peddling. Australia's spy agency, the ASIO, reportedly believes that several Australian politicians have links to Chinese intelligence services.


China swoops on flight schools to solve pilot shortage

The Australian, 22 Dec. 2017

Chinese companies are swooping on Australian flight training schools increasingly stricken by skyrocketing costs and crippling red tape, amid predictions that the nation will be forced to import scores of commercial pilots from Asia and Africa in coming years.



China Domestic

‘Worst day’ as fears grow Chinese superstar boxer Zou Shiming might have lost sight in left eye during flight

South China Morning Post, 22 Dec. 2017

Chinese boxing superstar Zou Shiming’s career is in jeopardy after the former WBO flyweight world champion suffered a suspected detached retina on a flight home.


Nostalgia spells success

China Daily, 21 Dec. 2017

Youth has raked in 480 million yuan since being released on Dec 15, and could be a big winner for Feng Xiaogang. Xu Fan reports.


The Wild Wild East 20 December 2017


Stamp duty surcharge ‘may put CBD residential development in jeopardy’

The Australian, 11 Dec. 2017

Foreign property investors are urging the South Australian government to grant them an exemption from a new surcharge on buying apartments in Adelaide’s CBD, warning that the market could otherwise collapse.


Property developer forges ahead with $1.5bn portfolio with HSF’s help

Australasian Lawyer, 11 Dec. 2017

Herbert Smith Freehills (HSF) is acting for a property developer on a portfolio in Sydney that will eventually be valued at over $1.5bn.


Sydney pulls Australian national house prices lower, ABS figures show

Domain, 12 Dec. 2017

Capital city house prices have fallen, driven by the sharpest fall in prices in Sydney in two years.


Australian housing markets hurt by Chinese capital outflow restrictions

Global Property Guide, 14 Dec. 2017

Restrictions on capital outflows have made it difficult for Chinese buyers to settle investments in Australian properties, forcing them to sell homes they have under contract at sharp discounts.



Currency & Financial

China businesses wary of Australia's 'suspicious attitude' amid political row

SMH, 12 Dec. 2017

Beijing: Chinese businesses are concerned that "anti-China" sentiment in Australia will put investments at risk or block Chinese energy deals, it has been reported.


Australia's Crown Resorts signs several deals to cut debt

The Business Times, 14 Dec. 2017

[SYDNEY] Australian casino operator Crown Resorts said on Thursday it had signed several deals to divest assets to cut debt, including selling interest in a site on the Las Vegas Boulevard for US$300 million.


Investments can be good Christmas gifts, Canstar expert says, 15 Dec. 2017

SHOPPERS stuck for Christmas ideas for loved ones could consider a gift that keeps on giving, in investment returns.


'Short-sighted': Chinese businesses fear backlash over Turnbull's interference claims

SBS, 16 Dec. 2017

Chinese businesses have warned that Australian politicians must stop using China as a political football or risk losing business.




China targets Kilikanoon in corker of a deal

The Australian, 12 Dec. 2017

This week that changed when the board of Changyu Pioneer, China's oldest winemaker, approved the purchase of 80 per cent of South Australia's prestigious Kilikanoon Estate.


Chinese take bigger stakes in Australian livex companies in 2017

By James Nason, 14 December 2017

A wave of direct investment by Chinese and other Asian companies into Australian livestock exporting businesses has been a prominent trend in the livestock export sector this year.


Richest Australian Gina Rinehart talks about Kidman ahead of first anniversary of takeover

The Advertiser, 17 Dec. 2017

AUSTRALIA’S richest person, Gina Rinehart, has outlined a multimillion-dollar investment in animal welfare and technology in the Kidman cattle empire ahead of the first anniversary of her takeover.


Chinese lining up for Australian agriculture businesses: HSBC
AFR, 17 Dec. 2017

HSBC says asset hungry Chinese businesses are lining up to invest in Australian agriculture because of food production quality and tariff reductions under the free trade agreement between the two countries.




China Energy’s Bid for Australian Energy Explorer AWE Challenged by Perth Firm

Bloomberg, 11 Dec. 2017

A bidding war has emerged for Australian oil and gas explorer AWE Ltd. after Perth-based Mineral Resources Ltd. made an all-share takeover offer, challenging an increased all-cash bid by China Energy Reserve & Chemicals Group Co.



Retail & Tourism

Chinese visitors push South Australia’s tourism spend to more than $1.1 billion

The Advertiser, 11 Dec. 2017

A “PHENOMENAL” surge in cashed-up Chinese tourists has helped lift annual spending by international visitors to South Australia to a record $1.1 billion, new figures show.


Chinese oust Kiwis as top visitors to Australia

The Australian, 11 Dec. 2017

Chinese tourists spent a record 10.3 billion buying Australian goods and services , positioning them as the nations most valuable and fastest growing inbound travellers over the past year.




Calls for regulation of universities partnering with military-linked foreign companies

The Guardian, 16 Dec. 2017

Australian academics have called for tougher rules around university partnerships with foreign corporations and researchers, including a potential list of banned entities with strong military links.



China Domestic

National treasures come alive on latest TV show

China Daily, 04 Dec. 2017

A large-scale cultural exploration program National Treasure made its debut on Channel 3 of China Central Television on Sunday night.


Gay or Nay: China’s Changing Attitudes Toward Homosexuality

Sixth Tone, 09 Dec. 2017

Fewer and fewer Chinese actively oppose equal rights for gay people.’s%20Changing%20Attitudes%20Toward%20Homosexuality/


The Wild Wild East 13 December 2017


Boom time for Australian housing market thanks to first-home buyers, 06 Dec. 2017

THE number of first-home buyers entering the market has increased considerably around the country, but it’s not all good news for Melbourne buyers.


Australia needs a better system to monitor how many homes are being sold to foreign investors

Business Insider Australia, 07 Dec. 2017

Foreign investors are estimated to have bought between 35,000 and 60,000 Australian homes in the 2015/16 financial year, accounting for anywhere between 7 to 13% of total housing turnover during that period.


Chinese capital controls send tremor through Australian property

Reuters, 07 Dec. 2017

SYDNEY (Reuters) - On a recent Sunday morning in the sun-drenched Australian city of Brisbane, about 50 ‘property tourists’ boarded a bus tour with a difference.


Federal government guarantees investment in affordable housing

Your Mortgage, 08 Dec. 2017

Over the past 18 months, Treasurer Scott Morrison and Treasury officials have been working on the bond aggregator – the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC) – to raise money at lower rates from the wholesale bond market for not-for-profit community housing providers.



Currency & Financial

Trump’s tax cut ‘forces our hand’

The Australian, 04 Dec. 2017

The rollout of the $US1.5 trillion tax and jobs plan — the largest overhaul to the American tax system since the Reagan era — could see investment dollars sucked out of Australia unless the federal government is able to pass business tax cuts to counter the sweeping effects of the bill passed by the US Senate over the weekend.


Shareholders sue Australia's Crown Resorts over China marketing

Reuters, 04 Dec. 2017

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian casino operator Crown Resorts Ltd (CWN.AX) was slapped with a class action lawsuit on Monday for allegedly failing to inform shareholders of a marketing campaign in China that resulted in staff arrests and a slump in the share price.


“Crunch time” ahead as interest-only lending slumps and foreign property purchases fall

Domain, 07 Dec. 2017

A collapse in the number of interest-only loans being written by big banks is said to be combining with a drop in Chinese buyers of Australian property to create a “crunch time” for the economy next year.





The Drinks Business, 04 Dec. 2017

Australia has surpassed France for the first time as China’s biggest source for bottled wine imports by value in October, although France is still leading overall imports in the first 10 months of the year.


Aussie coffee subscription business Three Thousand Thieves raises $500,000 to expand into China

SMH, 04 Dec. 2017

"The growth in China is going to be massive," says Athan Didaskalou.

The founder of Three Thousand Thieves is sitting in the Fitzroy warehouse he operates his coffee subscription business from preparing to launch in China in January.


Thomas family buys historic Mt Schanck station for $50m

The Australian, 04 Dec. 2017

The Thomas family, which operates Australias largest fully family-owned meat- processing company, has snapped up the iconic Mt Schanck station in South Australias southeast for more than 50 million.


Emu farming set to make a comeback if bird's oil becomes the latest health trend

ABC Online, 09 Dec. 2017

The number of emu farms across Australia is dwindling, but Ian Marston's not giving up on his long-legged beauties any time soon.




Two China banks refuse loan to Adani’s mine project in Australia, says report

The Hindu, 04 Dec. 2017

Indian energy giant Adani’s controversy-hit Carmichael coal mine project in Australia has hit another road-block after China’s two major state-run banks said they have no plans to finance the venture, media reports said on Monday.



Retail & Tourism

China’s Imported Consumer Goods Tariff Cuts: The Full Details

Mark Tanner, 05 Dec. 2017

From December 1 this year, China has reduced import tariffs an average 17.3% to 7.7% on 187 imported goods such as food, pharmaceuticals, clothing and sporting equipment. Below is the full list of effected product categories:


An army of Chinese shoppers dictates the fate of Australian brands

The Economist, 07 Dec. 2017

How firms Down Under came to embrace daigou


Wendy Wu Tours claims to have sent more Australians to China than any company
AFR, 08 Dec. 2017

For Australians of a particular vintage, namely Gen-Xers such as myself, certain brands will always evoke childhood travel dreams: AAT Tours, Contiki, and Topdeck: all those old 1970s images of palm trees and white sand beaches plastered on the sides of buses, not forgetting Big Ben on billboards, along with the Empire State Building at dusk.


Chinese Woman Makes Over $3,000 Per Shipment of Baby Formula From Australia to China

Next Shark, 08 Dec. 2017

Song Chen, a 40-year-old Chinese woman living in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, makes about 21,000 yuan ($3,173) per shipment of expensive baby formula to China.




Alice Dawkins first SA student to win Schwarzman scholarship, rival to Rhodes scholarship

The Advertiser, 05 Dec. 2017

BAROSSA Valley resident Alice Dawkins is the first South Australian to win an elite Schwarzman Scholarship, the new rival to the prestigious Rhodes scholarship.


Indigenous and rural school attendance getting worse despite investment, new report shows

ABC Online, 06 Dec. 2017

Despite extensive investment in Closing the Gap programs, new data shows Indigenous school attendance is getting worse.


‘Unfair’ education policy will hold Australia back, New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern warns

The Australian, 09 Dec. 2017

Denying New Zealanders equitable access to tertiary education will hold Australia back, Jacinda Ardern says.



China Domestic

Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue announces surprise wedding

China Daily, 06 Dec. 2017

Hong Kong actor and singer Shawn Yue shared a photo from his wedding ceremony on the social media platform Instagram and officially tied the knot Dec 5, 2017.


Paddington 2 gains at China box office

China Daily, 11 Dec. 2017

Paddington 2, the live-action, animated sequel featuring the titular bear, has had a successful weekend since it arrived in Chinese theaters on Friday.





The Wild Wild East 06 December 2017


Non-major to offer loans to overseas property buyers

Your Mortgage, 27 Nov. 2017

Better Choice Home Loans, a Southport-based mortgage lender, has revealed it will soon be launching a mortgage product for overseas property buyers.


Banking royal commission: Why banks don't want property lending scrutinised

ABC Online, 30 Nov. 2017

After a fortnight of attempting to whip up alarm with customers, with claims a bank inquiry would force interest rates higher, the boot is on the other foot.


NSW real estate: Chinese Aussies keen home buyers, 01 Dec. 2017

CHINESE Australians are home free in the housing market — buying property at a faster rate than other Aussies.


Most property investors believe past performance is a guide to future

Domain, 01 Dec. 2017

Over half of Australian property investors are breaking the golden rule of investing – they use past performance as a guide for future success.


Big household debt puts Australia at risk: global bank authority

The Australian, 04 Dec. 2017

The global central banking authority has warned that Australias high level of household debt is putting future economic growth in jeopardy and risking the stability of the bankingsystem.



Currency & Financial

Foreign property buyers feel SA sting of dumped bank tax
AFR, 29 Nov. 2017

Foreign property buyers will feel the sting of the decision by the South Australian Government to dump its controversial state-based bank tax in a move which property experts say will dampen demand in a market which hasn't experienced the boom of Sydney and Melbourne.


Converging approaches on Chinese investment

Lowy Institute, 01 Dec. 2017

Although both have been very open to foreign investment, Australia and the United Kingdom have for decades championed quite different regulatory approaches. In the UK very few foreign investment proposals require government scrutiny. In Australia, at least in principle, a great many do – though the result in both cases is to permit the vast majority of investments.


Rong Yu joins swelling ranks of Chinese firms headed to ASX

AFR, 03 Dec. 2017

A Chinese pharmaceutical company whose products are based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine is the latest among a flood of companies aiming to list on the ASX to fuel growth aspirations in their home country.


Why the Trump tax reforms are scary for Australia 

The Australian, 03 Dec. 2017

The Trump American taxation revolution is set to be a reality following the weekend approval by the US Senate. The globalised world will change and Australia will be one of the countries most affected.


Chinese on lookout for deals after slowdown

The Australian, 30 Nov. 2017

Interest from Chinese corporates in buying into Australia is on the rise again, after a pronounced slowdown on dealmaking was ordered by the mainland authorities earlier this year.




Australia Hears Positive Reactions To First Chinese Internship Program

Press Release, 26 Nov. 2017

Thoroughbred Breeders Australia's first Chinese internship program comes to an end on Monday (November 27). A group of eight interns spent the past two weeks in the Hunter Valley, where they visited many of the region's leading farms, including Widden Stud, Coolmore, Yarraman Park, Newgate and Darley.


Chinese demand drives Aussie citrus industry boom

Xinhua, 27 Nov. 2017

CANBERRA, Nov. 27 (Xinhua) -- Australia's citrus fruit industry has experienced a boom on the back of high demand from China, a recent report by Citrus Australia revealed.


Why Australian agriculture can't draw investment

In The Black, 01 Dec. 2017

With Asia’s expanding middle class hungry for its produce, you’d think Australia’s agricultural sector would have institutional investors lining up to plough money into future growth – but they’re not.


Ownership of northern cattle stations changes as corporate heavyweights seek investment

ABC Online, 03 Dec. 2017

A breakdown of cattle station ownership has revealed the changing face of the northern pastoral industry, with family owned-and-operated stations in decline following a string of big-budget buy-ups by corporates.


Regional Victorian company ViPlus Dairy gains major China breakthrough

SMH, 03 Dec. 2017

A regional Victoria-based company, ViPlus Dairy, says it has become the first Australian producer of locally made infant formula products to gain regulatory approval to sell infant formula in China from January onwards in any channel under a tough new regulatory regime from 2018.




Adani: Chinese Government denies receiving application to fund Carmichael mine

ABC Online, 30 Nov. 2017

As Adani angles for Chinese money for its giant coal mine in North Queensland, China's Australian embassy has made clear that any backing from Chinese state enterprises would need central government approval.


Mining downturn over, new figures indicate

The Australian, 30 Nov. 2017

Australia's economy has pulled clear of a mining investment downturn that held back economic growth for half a decade, bolstering forecasts for a healthy expansion in 2018.


China LNG imports set to hit record in November, push up prices

Reuters, 29 Nov. 2017

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - China’s imports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) are set to hit record levels in November, with demand due to peak over the cold winter months as millions of households shift from burning coal for heating to using gas, driving up prices for the fuel.


Adani: Chinese banks not interested in financing Carmichael mine project

ABC Online, 04 Dec. 2017

Adani's controversial Carmichael mine has been dealt another blow after one of China's major banks said it would not bankroll the project.



Retail & Tourism

Daigou retailer AuMake opens flagship George Street store as Aussie brands beg to be stocked, 27 Nov. 2017

THE head of Australia’s first-ever retailer dedicated to servicing the rapidly growing “daigou” trade hopes scenes of Chinese shoppers stripping supermarket shelves of baby formula to send overseas will soon be a thing of the past.


Rising Chinese Demand Send Tour Prices in Australia and New Zealand Soaring

Jing Travel, 27 Nov. 2017

A growing number of flights between China and popular destinations in Australia and New Zealand have led to increased demand for accommodation and tours in these destinations. The increased demand has sent tour fees soaring for the January to March summer season—also the peak season for travel to Australia and New Zealand.




UQ hosts China-Australia University Summit on Teaching and Learning

UQ News, 27 Nov. 2017

Senior academics from China Nine and Australia’s Group of Eight universities will gather at The University of Queensland today (November 27) for the fourth China-Australia University Summit on Teaching and Learning.



China Domestic

Disney finds lead for live-action 'Mulan'

CNN, 30 Nov. 2017

Chinese actress Liu Yifei, also known as Crystal Liu, has scored the title role in the live-action version of "Mulan," Disney confirmed to CNN.




The Wild Wild East 29 November 2017



The Party Is Over for Australia's $5.6 Trillion Housing Frenzy

Bloomberg, 23 Nov. 2017

The party is finally winding down for Australia’s housing market. How severe the hangover is will determine the economy’s fate for years to come.


Queensland's property tax hit means some investors might have to sell

AFR, 24 Nov. 2017

New property taxes in Queensland - two of which were introduced by the Labor government two days before the state election - have made some owners consider selling out, with one landlord's land tax bill doubling.


Australian regulator warns 'debt is easy to get into, hard to pay back'

Reuters, 21 Nov. 2017

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australia’s banking watchdog warned against sky-rocketing household debt on Tuesday, urging banks to further improve lending standards as well as their understanding of borrowers’ spending patterns.


Chinese Demand For Australian Residential Property Eases: RBA

The Urban Developer, 22 Nov. 2017

Chinese demand for Australian residential property has eased due to tighter capital controls imposed by the Chinese government and tougher restrictions on mortgage lending by local banks.


Hotel giant Rydges announce plans to build a hotel at The Bend Motorsport Park.

The Advertiser, 25 Nov. 2017

MOTORSPORT fans will be able to enjoy racing from the luxury of their hotel rooms courtesy of a bold new tourism concept at Tailem Bend.


Currency & Financial

Blackstone cautious on housing and debt but still playing the big deals

AFR, 22 Nov. 2017

The largest owner of real estate in the world, private equity group Blackstone, says there is a feeling of caution about Australian housing, and although it may soon lend to struggling home loan borrowers here, it is still yet to have any exposure to the Australian housing market.

Sydney real estate agent John McGrath's great short

AFR, 21 Nov. 2017

Even John McGrath was concerned that Sydney was too hot. In early 2014, positioning his hugely successful real estate business for a share market float, the handsome, driven salesman worried that if Sydney property prices continued their phenomenal increase, a traumatic fall would be more likely.


Super funded corporate debt would make Australia more resilient to external shocks

AFR, 24 Nov. 2017

A vibrant domestic debt market, led by superannuation funds, will enhance Australia's standing as a financial sector and make the economy more resilient to external shocks, the nation's top bankers have argued.



Hassad Australia sells three large properties to local buyers

The Weekly Times, 23 Nov. 2017

IN A reversal of the trend to corporate farming, a sizeable chunk of Middle Eastern agribusiness giant Hassad’s property portfolio has been split up and sold to 15 family farm operators.


Rinehart urges ag investment empathy for Australia's sake

Farm Weekly, 22 Nov. 2017

Australia is indeed a lucky country says Gina Rinehart, but it will be an increasingly unlucky place to live if we don’t actively invest in wisely using its abundant land, water and sunshine.


Capital investment will underpin future red meat productivity, Alice Springs audience told

By Jon Condon, 24 November 2017

The need for greater capital and investor confidence to underpin future red meat sector productivity growth was a theme visited several times at Wednesday’s industry forums and annual meetings held in Alice Springs.


AgCAP focuses on dairy after sale of Sustainable Agriculture Fund portfolio

AFR, 26 Nov. 2017

Fund manager AgCAP will next year start a fund focused on Australian dairy assets that it hopes will be worth up to $200 million within three years.



Australia corporate solar market ready to boom, says New Energy Solar

Renew Economy, 23 Nov. 2017

The head of what will be Australia’s largest listed specialist solar investment fund is looking to tap into the growing interest from the corporate sector to make its first investments in Australia.


New energy pipeline from Tasmania could boost renewables investment

SMH, 24 Nov. 2017

Tasmania is partnering with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to begin work on a study for a second energy pipeline between the state and the mainland, creating new opportunities for renewables investment.



Retail & Tourism

Alipay partners with Australian Tourism Export Council

ZD Net, 23 Nov. 2017

Alipay has formed a partnership with the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) with the goal of expanding its mobile payments platform into the nation's tourism industry.


Victoria's surf coast wins $350m Cape Otway Road project

AFR, 22 Nov. 2017

An ambitious $350 million tourism, sport, retail and residential housing project has been announced for Victoria's surf coast.


Amazon Australia site: Retailers with certain strengths can survive

The Courier Mail, 23 Nov. 2017

THE Amazon tsunami forecast to smash into the southeast Queensland retail sector is not all doom and gloom, with quality retail centres set to survive and possibly thrive.


Australia’s top Airbnb host made $5.3 million in the past year

Domain, 24 Nov. 2017

Top Australian hosts are earning far more than loose change for listing their spare room, apartment or house on popular accommodation site Airbnb, with one Sydney operator raking in $5.3 million in the past year.


China moves against the Daigou with broad tariff cuts

AFR, 24 Nov. 2017

China unveiled a surprise round of tariff cuts for food products, clothes, cosmetics and consumer goods on Friday, in a move tomake a wider range of products available locally.



Australian students in top 10 on problem solving: PISA

AFR, 21 Nov. 2017

Australian schools perform strongly on a new global ranking which measures students' ability to work in teams.


Australian universities: Time for fresh approach

The Australian, 22 Nov. 2017

The federal government should consider outsourcing university funding decisions to a new-look Commonwealth Tertiary Education Commission, University of Melbourne vice-chancellor Glyn Davis argues in a new book.


China Domestic

Ming Xi Falls During VS Fashion Show 2017 in Shanghai, Recovers Like a Pro

Us Magazine, 21 Nov. 2017

UPDATED 11/21/17: Ming Xi spoke out on her Instagram after her spill to thank fans and fellow Victoria’s Secret models for their support. “I will pick myself up from where I fell, and I will keep going in order to repay all the support you all have given me!!” she concluded. You go, girl!


The Wild Wild East 21 November 2017

Countries China Shanghai 26.jpg


Chinese investment rebounds in Sydney

The Australian, 14 Nov. 2017

Cashed-up Chinese groups are pushing deeper into Sydney’s suburban offices and apartments with sites worth about $200 million changing hands, defying concerns about a year-on-year slump in Chinese outbound property investment in the third quarter.


Tax on empty foreign-owned homes passes parliament

The Australian, 15 Nov. 2017

Foreign owners of Australian property who leave their homes vacant are set to be charged thousands of dollars a year after the federal parliament passed its vacancy tax legislation.


Sydney's Riverwood becomes home to a 850-unit social/private housing project
AFR, 19 Nov. 2017

Sydney developer Payce Consolidated, designer Turner and the NSW government have replicated the winning formula of using public private partnerships to increase housing supply, coming together to build a four-hectare social and private housing project in Washington Park, Riverwood in Sydney's southwest.


Sydney housing stock builds as auctions clearances slow
AFR, 19 Nov. 2017

Auction clearance rates have eased back as investors pull out of the market, creating a build-up of stock especially in Sydney.


Wanda set to sell off $1.3b Circular Quay property development

SMH, 20 Nov. 2017

Beijing: Once China's richest man, Wang Jianlin, is reportedly selling out of Australia. His company Dalian Wanda, one of China's biggest property developers, is reported to have put its yet-to-be-completed luxury Circular Quay apartment project on the market.


Currency & Financial

Why a crash in China is about to devastate our economy

By Matt Barrie with Craig Tindale, 14 Nov. 2017

I RECENTLY watched the federal Treasurer Scott Morrison proudly proclaim that Australia was in "surprisingly good shape". Indeed, Australia has just snatched the world record from the Netherlands, achieving its 104th quarter of growth without a recession, making this achievement the longest streak for any OECD country since 1970.


Chinese Investment Plunges 51% But Remains Ambitious In Australia

The Urban Developer, 14 Nov. 2017

While China’s standing in the domestic and international real estate and investment market measure in the billions, the latest figures revealed their financial activity has almost halved since 2016.


ANZ: Higher interest rates could hit nine months from now

By Michael Mata, 15 Nov. 2017

Homeowners in Australia have nine months to prepare themselves for higher interest rates and tighter lending restrictions, according to ANZ economists David Wilson and Jo Masters, adding that Canada’s approach to its own real estate market should be seen as a roadmap.


Domain hits the ASX with a $2.2 billion valuation
AFR, 16 Nov. 2017

Smiling from ear-to-ear, the man known as The Cat rang the bell at the Australian Securities Exchange in Sydney at noon on Thursday and officially opened trade in shares of real estate classifieds and services business Domain.

Victoria Australia's top state economy, but NSW the real winner

SMH, 17 Nov. 2017

Victoria has Australia's top-performing state economy, but the real prizes have gone to NSW and South Australia.


Australian cherries: Deal allows airfreighting to China

The Weekly Times, 15 Nov. 2017

CHINA is ripe for the picking for Australian cherry producers.


Avocado prices to reach $4 as demand surges, supply falls short

Daily Telegraph, 19 Nov. 2017

AUSTRALIANS’ avocado addiction is set to push prices past $4 as supermarkets, cafes and sushi restaurants compete for supply that is going to fall short of earlier expectations.



Australian miners at two-week low after China iron prices tumble

Financial Times, 15 Nov. 2017

Iron miners sank to a two-week low in early trading in Australia on Wednesday following a 4.6 per cent plunge in iron ore futures.


Bombora Wave Power announces investment round for first commercial size mWave wave energy generator

Renewable Energy Magazine, 17 Nov. 2017

Australian wave energy generation company Bombora Wave Power Pty Ltd has announced it has raised a multimillion-dollar round of investment to support its first commercial-sized mWave wave power generator.


Retail & Tourism

Chinese Singles’ Day a great sales prospect for Aussie business, says new Australia Post chief

Herald Sun, 10 Nov. 2017

AN annual day-long shopping event in China should eventually create as much business for Australia Post as Christmas, according to the new head of the postal service.


ASX-listed daigou business AuMake Australia surges 25pc

SMH, 09 Nov. 2017

Investors have poured into Australia's only listed daigou business, boosting the share price more than 25 per cent this week, enthused by the company's recent acquisition spree.



Macau Daily Times, 15 Nov. 2017

A major one-year long event to mark tourism between China and Australia looks set to record impressive gains, with the large numbers of travelers from both sides reflecting the growing importance of the sector.



Universities unite to put SA at the forefront of innovation, health and medical research

The Advertiser, 17 Nov. 2017

SOUTH Australia’s universities are investing millions in new facilities and increasing partnerships with each other to put the state at the forefront of medical and health research, fast-track innovation in new industries and increase student numbers.


China Domestic

Bella Hadid leads 2017 Victoria's Secret Show in Shanghai

Daily Mail, 20 Nov. 2017

The Victoria's Secret show has been steeped in controversy this year, amid reports that several models have been denied entry to China where the show is taking place, and angry locals protesting the event.


More than half of Chinese newborns are second children, state media report

South China Morning Post, 31 Oct. 2017

Over half the babies born in China in the first eight months of 2017 were second children, official media reported on Tuesday after the relaxation of the long-standing one-child rule.


Asian immigrants altering Aussie suburbs

Straits Times, 18 Nov. 2017

Groups of men sit in front of a branch of the Bank of China on a weekday afternoon and huddle around fast-moving games of xiangqi, or Chinese chess.


The Wild Wild East 4 October 2017


CBA turns the screws on interest-only borrowers and mortgage brokers
AFR, 26 Sep 2017

Commonwealth Bank of Australia is turning the screws on independent mortgage brokers and promoting the roles of its branches and proprietary broker network in the $2 billion residential lending sector as it cuts back on risk interest only loans.

Australia gets even tougher on foreign property investors

Global Property Guide, 27 Sep 2017

The federal government and many Australian states recently slapped new taxes on foreign home buyers and property investors.


Australian Property Investors Stay Confident

The Urban Developer, 28 Sep 2017

Australian property investors have remained optimistic about the long-term benefits of residential real estate, despite the ever-looming concerns surrounding stricter lending conditions, oversupply and surcharges imposed on foreign buyers.


Student accommodation is the new property asset class

SMH, 27 Sep 2017

Australia is the third most popular global destination for international students studying abroad, which has triggered a wave of investment into accommodation that is considered a growing property investment asset class.


Chinese property buyers face tighter rules as real estate agents go for broke in 'Golden Week'

ABC Online, 30 Sep 2017

Cashed-up Chinese property hunters will be treated to helicopter rides and "money-can't-buy" experiences when they flock to Australia next week, but higher taxes and tighter regulations have forced many of them to slash their budgets.



Currency & Financial

BCA chief warns we’re lagging behind world in investment fight

The Courtier Mail, 28 Sep 2017

THE nation’s peak business lobby group says US President Donald Trump’s plan to slash the US corporate tax rate highlights how badly Australia is being beaten in the fight for investment.


Value of Australian mergers and acquisitions up 12pc in first nine months of 2017

The Australian, 27 Sep 2017

The value of Australian mergers and acquisitions activity for the first nine months of 2017 was up 12 per cent compared the same period last year, according to Thomson Reuters.


A2 Milk wins China formula approval

The Australian, 28 Sep 2017

Infant formula suppliers The A2 Milk Company and Wattle Health Australia have strengthened their regulatory position in the lucrative Chinese market. A2 Milk’s application to continue selling its infant formula products in China has been approved by China’s health regulator, the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA).


NZ dairy giant Fonterra joins bidders for Murray Goulburn

The Australian, 25 Sep 2017

New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra has confirmed it’s made a bid for Australia’s largest dairy processor, Murray Goulburn.


China now owns 10 times the amount of Australian land it did last year

SMH, 30 Sep 2017

The amount of Australian farm land owned by Chinese interests has surged tenfold in the past year, climbing above 14 million hectares or 2.5 per cent of all agricultural land.




Gas crisis is because state governments have impeded investment

The Australian, 27 Sep 2017

Implementing the gas export trigger may be necessary to address the short-term crisis, but it is useless unless we address the root cause (“Gas crisis ‘threat to 100 cities’ ”, 26/9). This predicted crisis has well identifiable origins because, for the first time in history, high commodity prices (natural gas) have not attracted investment or exploration activity.


China-backed Yancoal Australia exercises option to up stake in coal mine

Reuters, 26 Sep 2017

(Reuters) - China-backed coal miner Yancoal Australia Ltd said on Wednesday it had exercised its option to buy a 29 percent stake in the Warkworth operation from Japan’s Mitsubishi Corp for $230 million.



Retail & Tourism

Syrian property developer snaps up Port Douglas’ Reef Marina

The Australian, 26 Sep 2017

The acquisitive international company backed by Syrian billionaire Ghassan Aboud has bought Port Douglas’ Reef Marina with plans to pour more than $100m into its redevelopment.


Will the Chinese market become more open to small foreign businesses?, 9 Sep 2017

China recently announced that it will further lower the market access thresholds in areas like banking and the securities industry to attract more foreign investment. The aim is to promote the steady growth of foreign investment in China’s pursuit of a better business environment.


Over 20 million merchants outside the Chinese Mainland take UnionPay service as a must-have

PR Newswire, 1 Oct 2017

SHANGHAI, Oct. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- According to China's National Tourism Administration, China's outbound tourism reaches its peak during this National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, with the USA, Canada, Australia, France and Egypt being the preferred long-distance destinations. It's reported that more than 21 million merchants and 1.5 million ATMs outside the Chinese Mainland accept UnionPay cards.




Brisbane education industry unfazed by bad Chinese press

SMH, 24 Sep 2017

Despite reports indicating Chinese students are turning their back on studying in Australia, Lord Mayor Graham Quirk says Brisbane has nothing to be concerned about.


Australia must not neglect Chinese and other Asian studies

The Australian, 27 Sep 2017

“If we want to produce Asian expertise from our universities we must have students at tertiary level who have a head start in Asian languages and familiarity with the background of the region,” Elaine McKay wrote in 1990. “We must get it right in the schools if this present wave in favour of Asian studies is to ­succeed.”



China Domestic

68 Things You Cannot Say on China’s Internet

New York Times, 24 Sep 2017

In a directive circulated this summer, the state-controlled association that polices China’s fast-growing digital media sector set out 68 categories of material that should be censored, covering a broad swath of what the world’s largest online audience might find interesting to read or watch.


11 giant pandas take first baby step in public

China Daily, 29 Sep 2017

Eleven giant pandas born this year make their debut at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan province, Friday, Sept 29, 2017, ahead of the National Day. With 184 captive giant pandas, the base is world's biggest center for giant pandas.


Dilraba Dilmurat spotted in Milan fashion week

China Daily, 30 Sep 2017

Chinese pop star Dilraba Dilmurat takes part in the Dolce and Gabbana show during the 2017 Milan fashion week on Sept 24

Customers, Investors and Bosses

Countries China Great Wall 16.jpg

“There is only one boss: the customer.”

                         Walmart CEO Sam Walton


Increasingly, businesspeople in Western countries have Chinese customers, Chinese investors and Chinese bosses.  This is the inevitable result of China’s growing wealth and economic development.  As Chinese companies invest abroad, they exercise greater control over the firms in which they’ve invested.  As Chinese consumers acquire more disposable income, they become customers for Western firms with stuff to sell them. 

Which puts the shoe very much on the other foot for most Western businesspeople, who’ve always been in the dominant position of a buyer or manager when dealing with China. 

This change in roles can lead to friction and strife for both sides.  Most professionals from Europe and North America find the new situation not only uncomfortable but also confusing. 

So, where do you start?

The defining issue in dealing with Chinese customers, investors and bosses is feudalism.

The Chinese, and indeed most Asian cultures, do not accept the idea that all people are created equal, or that there is some natural equality that exists among human relations.  In fact, quite the opposite – the Chinese believe in the inherent inequality of human relations.  To them, in every relationship and in every interaction, someone is always on top and someone is always on bottom, based on the relative power each person holds. 

Geert Hofstede, the father of modern cross-cultural management theory, called this quality “power distance.”  Power distance is the degree to which a person with less power or status accepts the authority of someone with more power or status.  Most English-speaking countries score low on their power distance measurements – they generally believe that all people are equal.  The Chinese, on the other hand, score very high on their view of power distance – they believe that people are not equal.  To them, all relationships are defined by this inequality.  This is the very essence of feudalism – a power structure where everyone agrees that people of higher status have more rights than people of lower status.

Confucius codified this thinking in The Five Relationships:

·      King and subject

·      Father and son

·      Husband and wife

·      Older brother and younger brother

·      Senior friend and junior friend

In each case, the “higher” ranking party has the responsibility to guide and care for the “lower” ranking party; the “lower” ranking party has the responsibility to respect and follow the “higher” ranking party.

As foreign as this idea may seem to you, it is deeply ingrained in the thinking of your Chinese customer, investor and boss, and it will significantly influence the way they interact with you.

On the positive side, this way of thinking absolves you of a lot of personal responsibility, and it tends to be very, very durable – once a Chinese person has formed such a relationship, they are likely to stay in it for a long time. 

On the negative side, it makes many Westerners feel stifled, micromanaged, and disrespected.

In any event, it’s an important aspect of Chinese culture that will have a big impact on your daily interactions with your Chinese customer, investor, or boss.

This section looks at these relationships with people to whom you are selling something – your products, your company, your time.  They’re your customer, your investor or your boss.  They believe they have power over you and they don’t hesitate to exercise that power.  I’ll discuss problems that you’re likely to run into with these people and suggest constructive ways of addressing those issues.

The Wild Wild East 12 September 2017

Countries China 18.jpg


Lederer to buy St Leonards office tower from Charter Hall

The Australian, 7 Sep 2017

Billionaire Paul Lederer is undertaking another property play with funds giant Charter Hall.


Build-to-rent will struggle in Australia: Joe Russo

AFR, 5 Sep 2017

Melbourne developer Joe Russo says the build-to-rent sector will struggle to take off in Australia despite the likes of Mirvac and Salta Properties making the first forays into the asset class.

Property market sees investors continue to retreat as first home buyers march in

ABC Online, 8 Sep 2017

The investors' loss appears to be the first home buyers' gain, as the rival bidders switched roles in July.


Don't squander strong relations with China: FEC chairman David Chiu
AFR, 8 Sep 2017

Chinese tourists and investors will switch off their interests in Australia without warning if they do not feel welcomed, Hong Kong-listed developer Far East Consortium chairman and billionaire David Chiu says.

Prepare to lose enormous wealth: Triguboff

The Australian, 11 Sep 2017

The slowdown in the apartment market is worsening and will have a severe impact on the economy if it is not arrested, according to the country’s biggest apartment builder, billionaire Harry Triguboff.



Currency & Financial

Australia Must Get Serious About Investing in Asia

Bloomberg, 6 Sep 2017

It's no longer optional.


Economists want Fulbright-style body to drive China exchanges

The Australian, 4 Sep 2017

Top economists from Australia and China have decided to lobby their governments to set up a permanent Australia-China Commission to drive policy, research and scientific exchanges.


Australia's Central Bank Holds Key Interest Rate Steady

Bloomberg, 5 Sep 2017

Australia’s central bank held interest rates, remaining on the sidelines as lending curbs take steam out of east-coast housing markets and as prospects for a pickup in business investment emerge.


RBA: Sydney's housing market is slowing down

Business Insider, 5 Sep 2017

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) left interest rates unchanged at 1.5% at its September monetary policy meeting, an outcome that was widely expected by economists and markets alike.


Amazon fears sink Blackstone's $2.8 billion Australian mall sale

Reuters, 5 Sep 2017

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Private equity giant Blackstone Group has called off the sale of its A$3.5 billion ($2.8 billion) Australian shopping mall portfolio, a source said, as the looming arrival of spooks buyers of bricks-and-mortar stores.


Industry needs cohesion to prosper

Farm Weekly, 10 Sep 2017

THERE are positives signs and “major priorities” for the agribusiness industry in Australia but it’s success in the future depends on a “cohesive industry voice”, according to Agribusiness Australia (AA) chairman Mark Allison.


Australian agriculture becomes largest contributor to national GDP growth in 2016-17

By Dan Perez, 8 Sep 2017

Australian agriculture has become the fastest growing economic sector and the largest contributor to national GDP growth, putting in 0.5 percentage points of national total 1.9 percent growth. The sector secured its position as one of the economic powerhouses driving the country.




'Base-load investment scheme' could keep coal alive, but Liddell power station has ‘mammoth problems’

SMH, 7 Sep 2017

Support is hardening in the federal Coalition for coal-fired power to have a medium-term role in Australia's electricity market, with some MPs suggesting a "base-load investment scheme" to upgrade and extend the life of coal plants and operate alongside a future Clean Energy Target.



Retail & Tourism

Australia’s Hotel Market And The ‘Room Boom’

The Urban Developer, 4 Sep 2017

Australia’s hotel property sector is still outperforming other property classes in the market, and the Australian industry is one of the biggest growth regions on the planet.


White family backs $30m acquisition of Allawah Hotel
AFR, 6 Sep 2017

White & Partners, the private investment arm of Australia's most famous real estate family, has snapped up the Allawah Hotel in Sydney's South West from publican John Feros for $30 million.


China’s big spenders a tourism boon for South Australia, new survey finds

The Adviser, 6 Sep 2017

THE number of Chinese tourists who visited South Australia during the 2017 financial year increased by more than 50 per cent on the previous 12 months, new Tourism Australia statistics show.


Focus on quality to ensure returns from retail investment

The Australian, 7 Sep 2017

Sentiment regarding retail property investment is souring in the popular press. Some investors are questioning the outlook, concerned about failures of some retail chains and the lack of growth in centre incomes. Others have focused on the imminent arrival of Amazon, concerned that it will ‘‘change the face of retailing’’ in Australia.


Aussie tech duo switch from Chinese property buyers to tourists
AFR, 8 Sep 2017

The Australian founders of a popular Mandarin-language real estate portal have launched their latest tech play, swapping Chinese property buyers for tourists heading overseas.




Chinese online retail giant seeks Australian AI experts

The Australian, 4 Sep 2017

China’s biggest online retailer,, is planning to recruit at least 100 Australian data scientists to supercharge its rollout of artificial intelligence technologies across its multi-billion-dollar empire.


China’s Tsinghua University combines with SAHMRI on Australian first partnership to make a happier world

The Adviser, 4 Sep 2017

ONE of China’s top universities whose alumni include the country’s president Xi Jingping has partnered with Adelaide-based researchers to establish its first happiness and science laboratory in Australia.


Forget English and Maths, DRONE FLYING will be introduced as an HSC subject for students next year
Mail Online, 9 Sep 2017

Starting next year students will be able to take drone flying as a higher school certificate subject for the very first time.


China Domestic

Sydney’s Amy Lyons is raking it in as a Chinese social influencer, 10 Sep 2017

YOU might not recognise her, but Amy Lyons is a big deal in China. The 24-year-old Sydney native is living it up as a social media influencer in Beijing.


Sun Li Scores Third Major Drama Hit with ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’ and Also First Time Not Voice Dubbed

Ockoala, 8 Sep 2017

C-dramas has a new big hit on its hands and continues the legend of C-actress Sun Li popularity and savvy in picking projects. Her Legend of Zhen Huan remains an iconic work of the past decade in terms of court period dramas and two years ago she did the Legend of Mi Yue with also popular success. Now she’s back this summer with Nothing Gold Can Stay (Chinese title 那年花开月正圆 That Year Flowers Blossoms in the Full Moon), a late Qing Dynasty drama based on the real life story of China’s first super wealthy female merchant named Zhou Ying.


The Wild Wild East 5 September 2017

Countries China Dragon 100.jpg


Foreign buyers in one in three commercial property deals
AFR, 30 Aug 2017

Foreign investors accounted for one-third of commercial property deals in the first half of 2017.


Property fund manager 360 Capital Group is financing developers

The Australian, 28 Aug 2017

Property fund manager 360 Capital Group is on the way to becoming a major non-bank financier as lending to developers tightens and it seeks to reinvest funds from selling down the bulk of its operations.


Poly taps Grimshaw for tower

The Australian, 31 Aug 2017

Chinese-owned developer Poly Australia, the local arm of Chinese developer Poly Real Estate, is set to put its stamp on a key block near Circular Quay in the Sydney CBD, with architecture firm Grimshaw winning a design competition for a major office tower.


Mirvac's pioneering build-to-rent yield looks good, analysts say
AFR, 1 Sep 2017

The 4.5 per cent initial yield targeted in Mirvac's pioneering effort to develop a build-to-rent apartment project may well be enough to get it over the line, according to analysts.

Australia’s Heritage Bank Halts Investor Lending for Real Estate

Bloomberg, 2 Sep 2017

One of Australia’s biggest customer-owned banks, Heritage Bank Ltd., has temporarily stopped accepting new loan applications from property investors as it seeks to comply with regulation limiting how much it can expand its investment lending book.


Currency & Financial

China capital brake could push money into logistics
AFR, 29 Aug 2017

The logistics sector and associated real estate could be the biggest beneficiary of Chinese investment abroad after China's central government announced strict controls on outbound capital this month.

Overseas property crackdown from China to be 'widely felt'

SMH, 28 Aug 2017

Beijing: A Chinese government crackdown on offshore property deals will be widely felt in countries including Australia, says Trade Minister Stephen Ciobo.


Principal's Jim McCaughan says Australian shares are a 'sell on strength'
AFR, 27 Aug 2017

Whether the Trump administration can forge a better working relationship with US Congress will be critical in determining the direction of global equity markets for the rest of the year, according Jim McCaughan, chief executive of Principal Global Investors which manages $US432 billion.

Australian investors focus too much on positives, says US observer

The Australian, 28 Aug 2017

Listed companies are being priced on positive perceptions, with potential headwinds not factored in, a US-based investor has warned.




Hunter Valley winemakers fear funding package will not benefit regional vignerons

ABC Online, 29 Aug 2017

Vignerons in the New South Wales Hunter Valley have expressed concern country wine regions will miss the benefits of a multi-million dollar federal investment in Australia's wine industry.


'Amazon of China' Alibaba already has supermarkets. Now it wants our food

SMH, 28 Aug 2017

The business world may be enthralled with Amazon's moves to become a major supermarket player, but Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba says it is already strides ahead and is opening up new ways for Australia food producers to access its more than half-a-billion customers.


Australia's Blackmores posts 41 pct full-year profit drop

Reuters, 29 Aug 2017

SYDNEY, Aug 29 (Reuters) - Australia's top vitamin maker Blackmores Ltd reported a 41 percent plunge in full-year profit on Tuesday, as exports to China failed to make up for a precipitous drop in demand from Chinese shoppers in Australia.


Hong Kong billionaire Hui Wing Mau buys majority stake in Bindaree Beef

SMH, 1 Sep 2017

NSW beef processor Bindaree Beef Group has had another crack at securing a Chinese investment partner - this time successfully.


Spring in the bush: Low listing volumes put rural vendors in the box seats
AFR, 3 Sep 2017

Rural vendors could be in the box seats this spring selling season with a low volume of listings, strong demand from cashed-up farmers and corporate investors and rising commodity prices set to push up asking prices for many trophy properties.



Renewable energy booming but could soon turn to bust, analysts warn

SMH, 27 Aug 2017

Australia produced enough renewable energy to power 70 per cent of households last financial year, new data shows, but advocates warn the booming industry will flounder unless the Turnbull government commits to a clean energy target.


Australia invests A$100 mln to secure mining investment, drive discoveries

The Star Online, 2 Sep 2017

MELBOURNE: Australia will commit A$100 million ($79.7 million) to secure private investment in greenfield mineral exploration across the country to drive a new wave of discoveries and restart the flagging mining sector in its west.$100-mln-to-secure-mining-investment/


Retail & Tourism

Tourism Australia to boost collaboration with China's UnionPay Int'l: trade minister

Xinhua, 29 Aug 2017

CANBERRA, Aug. 29 (Xinhua) -- Australia's peak tourism body Tourism Australia will boost collaboration with China's UnionPay International to "stimulate Chinese visitor spending" in Australia, Trade Minister Steve Ciobo announced through a media release received here on Tuesday.


Australian tourism ministers meet in China in bid to draw more visitors

ABC Online, 28 Aug 2017

Australian federal, state and territory tourism ministers have for the first time jointly held a meeting in Beijing as Chinese visitors are poised to become Australia's biggest market.



South China Morning Post, 3 Sep 2017

While most daigou are overseas Chinese students or housewives buying products on a small scale for family and friends, there are also some non-Chinese people getting on board the booming industry.



Most international students come to Australia from these countries

SBS, 1 Sep 2017

Australia is considered as one of the top destinations for international students, and had over half a million enrolments in first of half of 2017.



China Domestic

Five mega-hit TV dramas in August

China Daily, 1 Sep 2017

August marks a golden opportunity for the TV drama market as Chinese students enjoy their summer holiday, having more time to involve themselves in the TV plot, and closely follow their favorite superstars.


Fashion model Gigi Hadid under fire for alleged racist behavior

China Daily, 3 Sep 2017

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, one of the world's most beautiful and sexiest shows, has officially confirmed to hit Shanghai in November, but one "angel" may not receive the same hearty welcome as her fellow "angels".


12 Keys To Chinese Business

China Wuhan 005.jpg

Guanxi - Relationships are more important than rules. “Guanxi” describes the astonishingly complex and nuanced network of personal relationships that every Chinese person maintains. Guanxi is pervasive and all-encompassing. In many ways, guanxi is both overhyped and underappreciated by Westerners who talk about China. Guanxi isn’t the only force in Chinese culture and it’s not a magic potion that makes all things possible. It is, however, ubiquitous and unrelenting. It’s a bit like gravity. Gravity doesn’t mean that planes always have to stay on the ground, but it does mean that’s where they’ll end up. Rather than rules, guanxi is mostly what guides people’s behavior in China. For Chinese people, rules aren’t irrelevant, they’re simply not as important as personal relationships. Guanxi tends to be central to issues surrounding loyalty and trust. 

Hierarchy - All relationships are hierarchical and, thus, unequal.  “Hierarchy” is concerned with people’s relative position and authority within the group. Hierarchy mostly describes the way individuals interact with people who have some kind of power over them (like a boss) or control something the individual wants (like investment or a purchase order). The notion that people are NOT equal is central to the way the Chinese see the world. Hierarchy is usually the driving force behind problems with the way individuals interact with people above them. 

Face - Face (perception) is more important than facts (reality). “Face” is a combination of a person’s dignity and prestige, and the way they’re perceived by the rest of the world. The concept of face is similar to Lee Atwater’s axiom that “Perception is reality.” For Chinese people, the way things look is just as important as the way they actually are. Face is the driving force behind most problems with communication and appearances. 

Feudalism - Leadership equals lordship.  “Feudalism” is the mirror of hierarchy – it describes the way individuals interact with people over whom they have some power (like employees) or who want something from them (like vendors). The phrase that encapsulates feudalism is “leadership equals lordship,” which means that the person in charge has the ability and willingness to exert control, almost a kind of ownership, over the people who answer to them. Feudalism is most often associated with perceptions of unfair treatment. 

The Small Eight

In addition to the four major elements, there are eight minor cultural elements and facts of life that impact most business relationships. These elements are most often secondary parts of the explanation as to why the Chinese do things in a particular way, but they’re nonetheless important.

Group Orientation - The group is more important than the individual. “Group orientation” refers to the fact that the Chinese are much more collective, and place much more importance on the group as a whole, than most European and North American cultures. 

Long Term Orientation The long term is what’s most important.  “Long termism” is related to the longer view Chinese have about time, as compared to Western societies. For example, the Chinese government publishes Five Year Plans, whereas most governments in the West work on annual budgets.

Incremental Improvement Step-by-step improvement is better than revolutionary change. “Incremental improvement” describes the preference Chinese people have for step-by-step changes, rather than radical departures from previous ways of working. “Revolutionary” or “radical” improvements are seen as dangerous and undesirable.

Pragmatism Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good enough. “Pragmatism” refers to the fact that Chinese businesspeople focus on what can be accomplished quickly and easily, instead of waiting for a perfect solution that may never come. To many Westerners, this can make their Chinese counterparts seem shortsighted and unconcerned with quality.

Harmony Things are better when everyone gets along. “Harmony” is the Chinese quality of placing a premium on the fact that the group itself runs smoothly and that different groups get along with each other. For Chinese people, harmony also has a strong and positive association with stability.

People (China’s huge population) - China has a HUGE number of people in it.“People” is shorthand for China’s huge population, its massive labor pool, and the fact that it’s easy for individuals to hide within the larger group (due to the small number of last names and the fact that so many people have moved for work reasons).

The Cultural Revolution The Cultural Revolution had a massive impact on society.  “Cultural Revolution” refers to the enduring impacts that the Cultural Revolution has had on Chinese society. This is shorthand for the Chinese distrust of people they don’t know, their lack of faith in the rule of law, and their obsession with personal loyalty. It’s an expression of the negative side of guanxi, because it emphasizes what happens in the absence of strong relationships.

China’s Rapidly Changing Environment Stuff in China is constantly changing“Rapidly Changing Environment” encapsulates the way things in China are changing more quickly than they are in most Western countries. This encompasses the economic, cultural and physical changes that have occurred, and continue to occur, as China develops. People who haven’t been to China tend to discount the significance of ongoing changes there– after all, change isn’t unique to China. Which is true. What IS unique, however, is the pace and scale. For example, hundreds of millions of China’s urban middle-class citizens were penniless rural farmers 30 years ago. It took the US and Europe almost a hundred years to make that same change.


The Wild Wild East 22 August 2017



Chinese retreat from Australian property market

AFR, 13 Aug 2017

Chinese property buyers are turning away from Australian housing as efforts by regulators in both countries to slow investment begin to bite.


Private offshore buyers from Asia snapping up office blocks

The Australian, 14 Aug 2017

Offshore private investors have been snapping up Australian office assets at a faster pace over the past year, looking for yield in a nation seen as a relative safe haven.


Affordable Housing Development In Sydney’s Macquarie Park Gets Government Approval

The Urban Developer, 15 Aug 2017

The NSW Government has confirmed Frasers Property Australia and Citta Property Group as the winning tenderers for a $2.2 billion development in Sydney’s Macquarie Park. The developers will work with Mission Australia Housing to redevelop and transform the 8.2 hectare Ivanhoe estate in Macquarie Park.


Negative gearing, more supply and foreign tax lead affordability solution
AFR, 15 Aug 2017

Limiting negative gearing to investment in new housing, increasing land supply and taxing overseas buyers are the top three priorities for fixing Australia's affordability crisis according to a poll of 13,000 people.


China heavyweights buy Sydney site for $70m

The Australian, 17 Aug 2017

A heavyweight Chinese-backed group, advised by Sydney-based developer Rudder Group, has bought a development site at the southern end of Sydney’s Hyde Park for $70.5 million as it makes a low-key entry into the Australian market.


Currency & Financial

Our economic destiny is China, not America

AFR, 16 Aug 2017

Ask the average Australian whether China or the US is the country's most important economic partner and you'll likely get a bewildered look – it's China, of course. The Lowy Poll shows that by 2013, 76 per cent of Australians were already convinced that China was No.1, compared with just 16 per cent choosing the US.


Wanda a clear case of transparency in both China and Australia
AFR, 16 Aug 2017

The partial sale last week of two significant Australian real estate investments by China's Wanda Group raises big questions about the transparency of Chinese investment.


Australia proposes stronger money laundering rules, includes bitcoin

Reuters, 17 Aug 2017

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australia said on Thursday it would strengthen its money laundering laws, including bringing bitcoin providers under the government's financial intelligence unit, days after a fresh scandal at one of the country's biggest banks.


Reserve Bank of Australia continues warnings over dollar’s strength

The Australian, 15 Aug 2017

The Reserve Bank of Australia continues to warn that a rising Australian dollar would curtail hopes for stronger economic growth and higher inflation over time.


New investment rules to curb China's foreign acquisition binge

SMH, 21 Aug 2017

Beijing: The Chinese government has officially put the brakes on Chinese companies pouring big money into overseas property development, issuing rules likely to have a significant impact in Australia.



China deadline for dairy exporters of infant formula

The Australian, 14 Aug 2017

The clock is ticking for Australian infant formula producers to complete a suite of new regulatory hurdles, in order to be able to keep selling their powder in China after January 1.


Nothing behind Labor’s claims of beef access blockages in China, AMIC says

By Jon Condon, 15 August 2017

Claims made in Federal Parliament yesterday that containers of Australian beef are about to be stranded on Chinese wharves, following last month’s suspension of Australian meat processing plants are incorrect, Beef Central has been told.


Fonterra eyes Chinese consumers with Australian cheese plant

NIKKEI Asian Review, 19 Aug 2017

MELBOURNE -- Fonterra Co-operative Group, New Zealand's largest dairy company, on Friday opened a new plant in southeastern Australia to make cheeses for China, Japan and other markets.


Duxton, Eastern Australia Agriculture enjoy good start to water year
AFR, 20 Aug 2017

The recently listed Duxton Water fund is one of the major winners from newly reset water allocations gaining a larger supply of water to lease out to farmers.



Australia's biggest wind farm coming to Darling Downs

The Chronicle, 17 Aug 2017

AUSTRALIA'S largest wind turbine farm is coming to the Darling Downs, creating more than 200 jobs in the process.


BlackRock enters Australian renewable energy sector

Real Estate Investment Times, 16 Aug 2017

BlackRock has entered the Australian renewable energy sector for the first time, after securing the financing for two solar projects in North Queensland on behalf of Edify Energy.


Booming thermal coal price on China demand cheers miners

Reuters, 17 Aug 2017

SINGAPORE/SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian thermal coal prices for spot cargoes above $100 a tonne, lifted by reports of strikes and strong Chinese demand, are providing a boost in earnings and share prices for miners like Glencore and Whitehaven Coal.


Retail & Tourism

South Australia’s tourism industry is enjoying high times — but is it enough?

The Adviser, 20 Aug 2017

HONG KONG couple Teddy Law and Joyce Cheng are walking through one of Australia’s most important wine collections — an unbroken lineage of tawny port of every vintage from 1878.


Alibaba, Marriott ink JV in Major Play for China Travel Market

China Skinny, 15 Aug 2017

Chinaskinny was in attendance as e-commerce giant and world’s largest hotelier announce strategic partnership to tap into the growing number of Chinese citizens travelling both abroad and domestically every year.


China remains the greatest opportunity

The Australian, 21 Aug 2017

Every nation tells itself stories about the world and how it works. Sometimes these stories are helpful, but sometimes they can blind us to the new opportunities generated by change.



World university rankings under threat if unis take a cut

The Australian, 16 Aug 2017

Australia has kept six elite universities in a key global ranking but commentators warn funding cuts may weaken the country’s competitive position.


China Domestic

“Who are we?” memes with business angle go viral in China

CGTN, 20 Aug 2017

China's most famous instant messaging application, WeChat, has been flooded with a new series of Who Are We/ What We Want memes, which tackles work behaviors and consumption practices in China.


TV reviews: China's Midnight Diner and Chinese Restaurant put 'din' in dinner

StraitsTimes, 16 Aug 2017

Chinese Restaurant has been called a knock-off of the South Korean reality show Youn's Kitchen (2017), which isn't right. More accurately, the Chinese show takes the same question - what if celebrities are dropped in a foreign country and have to get a restaurant up and running in days? - and gives a vastly different answer. For starters, Chinese food and Chinese stars such as Vicki Zhao and Huang Xiaoming enjoy wide fame, even on a remote Thai island.


The Wild Wild East 15 August 2017


Wanda Hotel Development backflips on apartment project sales

The Australian, 10 Aug 2017

The Hong Kong-listed arm of Chinese developer Dalian Wanda has sold its stake in its two landmark apartment and hotel projects in Sydney and the Gold Coast as part of a major shake-up of its global property holdings.


Mirvac To Launch Australia’s First Build-To-Rent Development

The Urban Developer, 8 Aug 2017

Mirvac Group will soon be bringing Australia’s first major build-to-rent apartment development to market with the backing of major superannuation funds in an attempt to tackle housing affordability issues.


Easy money: Potts Point terrace investors makes 40pc profit in 18 months
AFR, 8 Aug 2017

Investors in four adjoining Potts Point heritage terraces have made a "spectacular" 40 per cent profit in less than 18 months after selling them to Sydney developer Greencliff for $18 million.


‘Australia still looks cheap to them’: China’s well-heeled cop extra stamp duty

Domain, 9 Aug 2017

The cost of buying property in Sydney has never been higher, but for foreign buyers the sums involved are even more exorbitant with a recently introduced extra 4 per cent stamp duty surcharge and additional land tax.


REA flags further housing market slowdown, 11 Aug 2017

Revenue in REA Group's Australian arm has soared despite a slowdown in the housing market but the online real-estate advertiser has warned it expects conditions to further decline in 2018.


Currency & Financial

Bankers to feel a chill as China extends capital crackdown
AFR, 8 Aug 2017

Australian bankers will have mixed feelings about the latest signs that some big, high-flying Chinese corporates could soon be seeking to offload some of their Australian assets.

Westpac’s $40m investment sends ZipMoney soaring

The Australian, 8 Aug 2017

Shares in start-up ZipMoney surged 19 per cent yesterday after the company secured a $40 million investment from Westpac, with CEO Larry Diamond describing it as a “coming of age” for fintech.


Australian companies expanding their wings offshore

AFR, 12 Aug 2017

The latest corporate reporting season shows the risks and rewards of owning companies with an expanding international footprint. For every Australian company that delivers rapid offshore growth, many landmines lurk.


Is property or shares a better investment?, 10 Aug 2017

IT’S the age-old query of anyone with capacity to invest. Which is the better investment — shares or property?



Australian wine exports: China now the biggest market

Weekly Times, 9 Aug 2017

GIVE the people what they want.


Bellamy's Australia says China lifts import licence suspension

Reuters, 9 Aug 2017

SYDNEY, Aug 9 (Reuters) - Infant formula maker Bellamy's Australia Ltd said on Wednesday that Chinese authorities had lifted the suspension of an import licence of one of the company's canneries in Australia.


Australia’s richest woman seeks to sate China’s hunger for meat

Financial Times, 8 Aug 2017

Gina Rinehart has faced down larger rivals, bureaucrats and even family to build Hancock Prospecting into a mining force. Now Australia’s richest woman is tackling a tiny foe that could derail a A$1bn plan to ship live cattle to China.


New hemp food regulations expected to generate wave of new investment in crop

ABC Rural, 11 Aug 2017

In 2007 Terry Memory and his wife Gemma Lynch-Memory walked through a paddock of hemp in Romania.



Mitsui to invest ‘aggressively’ in renewables, battery storage

The Australian, 9 Aug 2017

Japanese trading giant Mitsui, whose investment helped spur Australia’s iron ore, coal and LNG export industries, says renewables and battery storage are now its chief focus for growth investment in Australia.


BlackRock takes plunge into booming local solar market
AFR, 11 Aug 2017

BlackRock Real Assets has struck a deal for what is one of the country's biggest debt financings for a solar power venture, bringing the global investment manager into the booming local solar market for the first time.

Rush into renewables without a sensible plan is no way to operate

The Australian, 12 Aug 2017

South Australia is not the only energy-rich constituency that has deliberately harmed itself in an ideological push to lead the global charge on renewable energy. If its statewide blackouts and world’s most expensive electricity don’t do enough to wake up the rest of the nation then we should cast our eyes across the Pacific to Canada.


Retail & Tourism

Suning and Metcash Expand Cooperation to Bring Quality Australian Products to China

PRNewswire, 8 Aug 2017

SYDNEY, Aug. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- China's retail giant Suning Holdings Group ("Suning" or "the Group") has signed a cooperation agreement with Metcash, the leading wholesale distribution and marketing company in Australia, to bring more quality Australian and New Zealand products to Chinese consumers.


Virgin Australia records $185 million loss but stops burning through cash

SMH, 10 Aug 2017

Virgin Australia's chief executive John Borghetti says an enduring capacity ceasefire with Qantas has set it up make the most of improving demand from business travellers and help it shift course towards profitability.


MP scoffs at northern tourism plan

The West Australian, 10 Aug 2017

A plan to boost funding for tourism infrastructure in Northern Australia has been dismissed as “ridiculous” by Durack MHR Melissa Price.


Qantas widens its China exposure

The Australian, 11 Aug 2017

Qantas has signed a new deal with the online travel booking arm of Chinese e-commerce juggernaut Alibaba as it looks to increasingly tap the potential of Australia’s biggest two-way trade partner.


China frees top Australian Crown casino executive from jail

SeattleTimes, 10 Aug 2017

BEIJING (AP) — Chinese authorities on Saturday released from jail a top Australian executive at a casino company following the completion of his sentence on gambling-related offenses.



New Kids On The Blockchain

ETHNEWS, 12 Aug 2017

In Melbourne, Australia, local reports have recently focused attention on Wooranna Park Primary School, a small public institution which sits in one of country’s “most disadvantaged urban areas.” But, don’t be misled by Wooranna Park’s humble profile. The primary school is giving students a digital leg up through its pioneering education.


Schools getting kids language-ready as China beckons

The Australian, 12 Aug 2017

At an age when most children are tackling the basics of English, Adelaid­e students Americo Beecken and Meu Li Panteladis are also immersed in wrapping their minds around Mandarin.


China Domestic

Heat Wave: China Daily Reports Temperature So High, An African Man Got a Tan

The Beijinger, 13 July 2017

Compared to everything else in the news, the weather is always more difficult to report because numbers and statistics never convey the human experience of it. And with a heat wave currently attacking the country, Chinese news organizations are finding the best way to describe the unbearable heat to their readers is to report local weather conditions are responsible for giving an African man a tan.


Cartoon Stereotypes of "Fat, Promiscuous" Americans Used to Promote Video Game

The Beijinger, 13 Aug 2017

A well-received online marketing campaign that incorporates race-baiting and cultural stereotypes has attracted a lot of online attention by asking: "Do you know how 'evil' laowai think Chinese are?"

The Wild Wild East 8 August 2017


As Beijing gets tough Wanda tests market for $2 billion Australian exit

AFR, 8 August 2017

China's Dalian Wanda Group, which is under pressure to crimp its offshore expansion and facing a freeze on bank lending at home, is fielding offers for its two giant development projects in Australia.

Australia's office market filling up again with supply at historic lows
AFR, 2 Aug 2017

Office towers around Australia are filling up as future supply slips to about half its historical average and businesses continue to hold onto or in some cases expand their accommodation requirements.


Property's big switch from investor to owner occupier loans

ABC Online, 2 Aug 2017

A leopard may not be able to change its spots, but it seems property investors can easily change the purpose of their loans.

Heat on RBA as residential property borrowing hits a record
AFR, 31 July 2017

Residential property borrowing continues to grow despite repeated attempts by regulators to jawbone banks and borrowers into cutting back, according to official statistics.


ANZ says Canada-style property tax unlikely to work as well in Australia
AFR, 1 Aug 2017

Taxes on foreign purchases are unlikely to slow Australia's rapid housing price growth as much as in Canada because the restrictions on foreign purchasers are already greater in Australia and the tax imposts are smaller, new ANZ research says.


Shifting real estate debt market in Australia

JJL, 31 July 2017

Recent deals in Australia, including PGIM Real Estate’s provision of AU$70 million in senior debt for a commercial redevelopment in Brisbane, have brought the issue of availability of commercial real estate debt into sharp focus.


Currency & Financial

China pullback won't dent Australia M&A: Minter Ellison
AFR, 31 July 2017

Foreign raiders from Canada, the US and Japan are likely to pick up any of the slack caused by a slowdown in Chinese companies targeting mergers and acquisitions of local firms.


Australia's central bank keeps policy rate, says local currency's strength to weigh on growth

CNBC, 1 Aug 2017

The Reserve Bank of Australia kept its benchmark rate unchanged on Tuesday in a widely expected move.


Chinese private equity Jingyi Group to expand into Australia via TST Partners
AFR, 30 July 2017

Chinese private equity group Jingyi Group, looking to make its first foray into Australia through Melbourne financial services group TST Partners, has entered a proposed agreement to buy out ASX-listed electronics group TTA and its sole warehouse/office building in Thomastown in Melbourne.

Chinese M&A investment in Australian jumps 126pc

The Austrailan, 7 Aug 2017

The value of Chinese investment in Australia has jumped by 126 per cent in the past financial year as the local market remains a favourite destination for Chinese asset buyers.


Chinese Wealth Manager Plans Branches in Australia and Canada

Bloomberg, 3 Aug 2017

Chinese millionaires’ money overseas is backing a local wealth manager’s global expansion even as the government steps up controls on capital outflows.



Cherry exporter rallies home-grown investors

The Australian, 31 July 2017

Australia’s largest cherry exporter is urging the nation’s superannuation and private equity funds to ensure the business remains in Australian hands through a current sale process.


Chinese billionaire tried to sell Van Diemen's Land Company before buying it
AFR, 2 Aug 2017

Even before Lu Xianfeng completed the $280 million purchase of Australia's largest dairy farm in April 2016, the Chinese billionaire was looking to sell.


Growland Group buying 143-hectareWerribee Farm

SMH, 4 Aug 2017

Growland Group, a local developer backed by Asian investors, has entered into exclusive negotiations with a Melbourne family to buy an enormous Werribee farm, not yet zoned for residential redevelopment, for a speculated price of more than $30 million.



Boom iron and coal exports bring first trade surplus in six years

The Australian, 4 Aug 2017

Booming sales of iron ore and coal to China helped deliver the first trade surplus since 2011 over the past year as exports surged by 17 per cent while the nation’s appetite for imports barely changed.


First gas, now power: Malcolm Turnbull calls electricity bosses to Canberra
AFR, 3 Aug 2017

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has ramped up his government's intervention in the energy market by summoning electricity bosses to Canberra next week to demand they give customers the information they need to reduce their power costs.


Retail & Tourism

Here's what Chinese online shoppers like to buy from Australia

Business Insider Australia, 2 Aug 2017

Online shoppers in China have a high regard for Australian products, seeing them as safe and value for money.

Langham hotels eyeing Australia

The Australian, 1 Aug 2017

Hong Kong’s cashed-up Langham Group is on track to expand its hotel empire through a combination of outright purchases and management agreements as it looks at Australian resorts and cities in a bid to compete with big-gun hotel operators such as Marriott and Accor.


GPT pays $680m for Highpoint Shopping Centre stake

The Australian, 1 Aug 2017

A property fund run by sector stalwart the GPT Group has made one of the most expensive shopping mall investments in Australia’s history, snapping up a 25 per cent stake in Melbourne’s Highpoint Shopping Centre, in a $680 million purchase from the city’s wealthy Besen family.


Bubs Australia rockets on infant formula demand

AFR, 6 Aug 2017

Infant formula and organic baby food company Bubs Australia wants to strengthen its Australian domestic presence even though its share price has rocketed 70 per cent in the past week largely on demand for "white gold" from Chinese customers.


Universities set to lose $1.2b in funding under Turnbull government changes

SMH, 6 Aug 2017

Universities would be hit with $1.2 billion in funding cuts under the Turnbull government's higher education changes, with new data showing some institutions are set to lose up to $57 million over the next four years.


China Domestic

"Let's Go, Mantis Shrimp": The Most Trending Chinese Internet Slang of 2017 – Summer Edition

The Beijinger, 19 July 2017

A diet of video games and old movies have influenced the most popular online trends, as seen by a list of the hottest Chinese Internet slang from the first half of this year expected to bewilder anyone not up-to-date on some very obscure references.


Wolf Warrior 2: The nationalist action film storming China

BBC, 4 Aug 2017

"Anyone who offends China will be killed no matter how far the target is."

That is the tagline for Wolf Warriors 2, the Chinese box office hit that is equal parts testosterone-fuelled machismo - think blazing guns, explosions, and tanks - and chest-thumping Chinese patriotism.


The Wild Wild East 1 August 2017


CBA subsidiary slugs property borrowers with 35bp rate rise
AFR, 24 July 2017

Bankwest, a subsidiary of Commonwealth Bank of Australia, is slugging existing interest-only owner occupiers with increases of 35 basis points, in the latest move to rein in higher-risk loans.

Mirvac sells half-share in Olderfleet building to Singapore's Suntec

SMH, 26 July 2017

Diversified property group Mirvac has sold a half share in its signature Olderfleet development in Melbourne at a benchmark price that will help re-rate premium office values in Australia's east coast office market.


Frasers plans $190m of new warehouses

The Australian, 26 July 2017

Frasers Property Australia is developing and building more than $190 million of new warehouses in Melbourne, fielding unprecedented demand in two of its industrial parks.


Greenland pens deal with Provectus Care to build aged care facilities in China
AFR, 27 July 2017

One of China's largest real estate developers Greenland HK has penned a deal with Australian aged care group, Provectus Care, headed by Shane Moran of the famed nursing home family, to help build aged care facilities in China where there is an acute shortage of beds.



Currency & Financial

Westpac set to sell Hastings Management to Charter Hall Group

The Australian, 24 July 2017

Westpac (WBC) says it is in exclusive talks with Charter Hall Group over the bank’s sale of Hastings Management, a global infrastructure-assets business with funds under management of about $14.3 billion.


These 5 charts show you some of the key lessons every investor needs to learn
AFR, 26 July 2017

Investing is often seen as complicated.


Reserve Bank is caught in interest rates sandwich

The Australian, 27 July 2017

As the Australian dollar hit the magical US80 cents mark last night it confirmed that the rules of business and economics have changed dramatically from what we expected just six months ago.


Pacific Equity Partners sells Allied Pinnacle assets

The Australian, 27 July 2017

Private equity powerhouse Pacific Equity Partners is poised to kick off the year’s largest industrial and logistics sale with the offer of a $300 million-plus portfolio of assets sporting long leases to its Allied Pinnacle business.



Aussie seafood exports to China surge on lower tariffs

Under Current News, 25 July 2017

Australian seafood exporters are making good on lower Chinese import tariffs this year, although they still export more to the Asian giant through third countries, especially Vietnam.


Breakthrough in Australia's beef with China over meat exports

ABC Online, 28 July 2017

Australian beef which was shipped to China before the Asian powerhouse slapped a temporary import ban on some producers will now be allowed into the country.




Offshore renewable investment soars amid clean energy debate

The Australian, 24 July 2017

Debate over the Clean Energy Target is tearing the federal Coalition apart, but a growing number of European firms in the renewable space are moving into Australia and are active buyers of land in Queensland and northern NSW.


Glencore snares 49pc of Hunter Valley coalmine in Yancoal deal

The Australian, 29 July 2017

Swiss miner Glencore and the Chinese-controlled Yancoal Australia could reap more than $US200 million ($250m) of annual savings in a deal that should realise Glencore chief Ivan Glasenberg’s long-held plan to consolidate the Hunter Valley coal industry.


Retail & Tourism

Australia moves up Chinese travel bucket list

The Australian, 24 July 2017

Australia has leapt up the bucket list of Chinese tourists to the fourth most desirable destination, from tenth just two years ago — following the extension of access by providing 10-year frequent-traveller visas.


Australian retail will die harder than US, says AirTree's Daniel Petre
AFR, 26 July 2017

Retail armageddon in Australia will be worse than the US experience, says venture capitalist Daniel Petre, who argues there aren't enough fast food franchises to protect the property sector from shuttered shopfronts.


Accor goes up with ibis and Novotel high-rise hotel in Melbourne CBD
AFR, 27 July 2017

AccorHotels will open Australia's first dual-branded high-rise hotel in the Melbourne city centre in 2018, after striking a deal with Singapore's Well Smart Group.

Darren Chester: Lessons in Chinese transport infrastructure

The Australian, 27 July 2017

Infrastructure and Transport Minister Darren Chester says Australia “has to learn from the China experience” in transport development, especially from its rapid creation of the world’s largest high-speed rail network.


Virgin Australia Is Planning New Flights to China

Bloomberg, 28 July 2017

Virgin Australia Holdings Ltd., the airline part-owned by HNA Group Co., aims to add two routes to mainland China to tap into the Chinese backer’s aviation hubs and the record flow of visitors heading Down Under.



Top higher education achievers named in AFR awards
AFR, 30 July 2017

The finalists in the 2017 Australian Financial Review Higher Education Awards include a critical thinking program for marginalised youth, a gamified learning app for mobile devices, a service program for students in Indigenous communities and an augmented reality module for teaching physiology and anatomy.


Australian universities condemn anti-Chinese posters put up on campus

South China Morning Post, 26 July 2017

Australian police are investigating the appearance of anti-Chinese posters at two Melbourne universities on the first day of the new semester on Monday.


China Domestic

China: Foxconn’s New US Factory Won’t Affect Company's Investment China

The Diplomat, 28 July 2017

On July 26, Terry Gou, the chairman of Foxconn — the Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company and supplier for Apple and other tech giants — met with U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House and announced his big plan for opening a new factory in Wisconsin. The next day, China replied that Foxconn’s investment in mainland China wouldn’t be affected.


Banks That Funded HNA's $40 Billion Spending Spree Halt New Loans

Bloomberg, 24 July 2017

Several Chinese banks that helped fund HNA Group Co.’s global acquisition spree are losing their appetite for financing the company, according to people familiar with the matter.

The Wild Wild East 25 July 2017


Mortgage demand suggests Australian housing market is cooling

Domain, 19 July 2017

Mortgage applications were down almost one per cent in the June quarter, another sign the housing market is beginning to cool.


NSW has harshest Australian tax regime for foreign buyers of luxury property
AFR, 19 July 2017

NSW has the harshest taxes in Australia for foreigners looking to buy a home worth more than $3.3 million, following the latest rules imposed from July 1.


The Dahua Group’s William Huang On Opportunities In The Australia Market And Their $4 Billion Development Pipeline

The Urban Developer, 21 July 2017

The Urban Developer recently sat down with the Dahua Group’s Managing Director, William Huang to gain an insight into Duhua’s expansion into the Australian market and their pipeline of development.


Sydney, Melbourne property markets can avoid crash landing: RBA’s Bullock

The Australian, 21 July 2017

House price growth in Sydney and Melbourne is being driven by the “basics of supply and demand,” according to a senior Reserve Bank of Australia official.


The Mona Effect: Hobart becomes Australia’s hottest market after rapid price surge

Domain, 23 July 2017

Most mainlanders are more likely to associate Hobart with Mona than its real estate market, but the latest data shows we’re no longer just holidaying in Tasmania, we’re buying there.


Currency & Financial

China's Top Recruitment Agency Enters the UK and Australia Market to Assist Global Enterprises to Invest in China, 21 July 2017

MELBOURNE and QUEENSLAND, Australia, July 21, 2017 : Since March 2017, Talent Spot has participated in activities held by the China-Britain Business Council (CBBC) and the Australia-China Business Council in the UK and Australia respectively.


More headaches for RBA as Aussie dollar can head higher
AFR, 24 July 2017

There's nothing wrong with going with the flow in financial markets, and right now that means selling the US dollar, which is pretty much what every hedge fund around the world is doing.


Melbourne-born man loses $67,000 deposit in foreign investor crackdown, 18 July 2017

IT WAS supposed to be a long-awaited return to his home city after a lengthy stint overseas.



China’s biggest food company looks to Australia for milk product supply

Foodmag, 19 July 2017

Australia’s dairy industry is set for a boost with a symposium bringing together for the first time representatives from China’s biggest food company – the state-owned COFCO corporation, with leading Monash University researchers, and dairy industry partners, on Thursday 20 July.


Australian government funding boosts lobster marketing battle in China

Seafood Source, 19 July 2017

Australian government funding has helped a key lobster exporter extend its marketing in China.


China the toast of Aussie wine exporters, 19 July 2017

China's thirst for Australian wine continues to grow at a faster rate than anywhere else in the world.


China’s crackdown targets ‘food safety, not Aussie dairy’

The Australian, 19 July 2017

China is certainly not targeting Australian dairy products, one of the leading international experts on China’s food sector says, but it is still developing the skills and regulations needed to ensure high standards in what is a new and rapidly growing industry.


Qatar's sovereign wealth fund sells another Australian farm
AFR, 21 July 2017

Hassad, the farming company backed by the Qatar Investment Authority, has sold more farming land as it moves its strategy from food security to better investment returns.



Small business gouged and hung out to dry in Australia's energy crisis

SMH, 19 July 2017

While governments blame each other and strike deals for big business to minimise cost impacts, small businesses are being gouged and hung out to dry.


Tempo buys KP Electric for $10m, 24 July 2017

Resources contractor Tempo Australia has bought national electrical services provider KP Electric for up to $10 million.


Offshore renewable investment soars amid clean energy debate

The Australian, 24 July 2017

Debate over the Clean Energy Target is tearing the federal Coalition apart, but a growing number of European firms in the renewable space are moving into Australia and are active buyers of land in Queensland and northern NSW.


Retail & Tourism

'Buy buy buy' is no longer the mantra of the Chinese tourist
The Strait Times, 11 July 2017
After propping up sales for overseas retailers over the past decade with a shopping-driven tourism agenda, Chinese visitors are no longer returning home with suitcases bulging like before.  A new survey by consultancy Oliver Wyman shows Chinese tourist numbers and holiday expenditure continuing to rise last year, even as shopping during overseas travel dropped 17 per cent from a year earlier.


Luxury brands look to Australia: 50 different retailers are considering expanding Down Under


Smart Company, 20 July 2017

International luxury and premium brands are eyeing off Australia as a prosperous market, with experts believing the local luxury goods market could become more similar to Europe’s in the coming years.

Aussie hotels need to "keep pace" with demand from China: Tourism Australia

Xinhua, 18 July 2017

CANBERRA, July 18 (Xinhua) -- Australian hotels need to keep up with the demands placed on them by Chinese tourists, Tourism Australia's boss said on Tuesday.


Hong Kong property entrepreneur Allan Zeman targets SA's Cleland Wildlife Park
AFR, 23 July 2017

Allan Zeman, who turned around Hong Kong's Ocean Park theme park and gave Disneyland a run for its money, is consulting on the future of Cleland Wildlife Park, a tired attraction in the Adelaide Hills, as a prelude to possibly investing in it.


Rise of the Chinese explorer

TTG Asia, 21 July 2017

Chinese travellers are growing more confident about exploring Australia independently, and regional parts of Down Under are readily embracing them.


Education key for Tas to unlock NBN, 24 July 2017

Tasmania is the most NBN-connected state or territory in the country but it doesn't mean much if people don't know how to use it, the state's peak industry body says.



Australian Education Union warns Australia Institute to stay out of the classroom

The Canberra Times, 22 July 2017

The teachers' union has warned the authors of a damning report into Canberra's school system to stay out of the classroom and leave lesson planning to the experts.


China Domestic

Justin Bieber banned from China over 'bad behaviour'

ABC News, 21 July 2017

The Canadian pop star has been banned from performing in China because of his past "bad behaviour," according to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture — although it did concede he has talent.


China puts Wanda under spotlight, closes off loan options for breaching investment rule

South China Morning Post, 17 July 2017

China’s bank regulator has instructed the country’s largest lenders to put six of magnate Wang Jianlin’s overseas acquisitions under the spotlight for touching a red line on foreign investments, according to several people familiar with the matter.


China’s Wahaha heiress takes Hong Kong penny stock on a roller coaster ride

South China Morning Post, 17 July 2017

An aborted acquisition deal by the heiress of Chinese beverage giant Hangzhou Wahaha has sent loss-making China Candy, a Hong Kong penny stock, into a free fall.


Jack Ma’s acquisition of MoneyGram could be blocked

New York Post, 21 July 2017

The co-chair of an influential Capitol Hill commission on China believes the US should block the controversial acquisition of MoneyGram by Jack Ma’s Ant Financial.



The Wild, Wild East 19 July 2017



The new Chinese investors about to make Australian property foray
AFR, 10 July 2017

At least 10 Chinese investors and developers who are yet to make their mark on Australia's property scene are preparing to make an entry despite a recent slowdown in corporate activity driven by China's upcoming National Congress and tougher foreign investment restrictions imposed by Chinese regulators.

NAB cuts housing price growth forecasts as property sentiment weakens
AFR, 13 July 2017

National Australia Bank has cut its growth forecasts for both houses and units this year on the back of sharply deteriorating sentiment about the property market.


4 charts that show the level of foreign buyer activity in Australia's housing market

Business Insider, 14 July 2017

The proportion of new Australian homes sold to foreign investors edged higher in the June quarter, according to the latest National Australia Bank’s (NAB) Residential Property Survey.


Maville Group emerges as buyer of $134m Sydney office block

The Australian, 10 July 2017

Chinese-backed developer Maville Group has emerged as the likely buyer of a north Sydney office block in a deal worth $134 million, with tower values surging as developers scoop up key assets.


China developer Country Garden shrugs off fears with $400m buy

The Australian, 11 July 2017

Hong Kong-listed developer Country Garden has brushed off concerns about a Chinese government clamp down on property buyers, snapping up a $400 million land parcel on the outskirts of Melbourne for a project with over 4,000 houses.


Currency & Financial

Chinese buyers on sidelines as national congress looms

The Australian, 10 July 2017

Deal-makers have been closely watching the volume of Chinese money flowing into Australian merger and acquisition activity dry up and it’s unlikely to change in the next few months.


'Carbon bubble' putting $2 trillion worth of investments at risk as international climate policy develops

ABC News, 11 July 2017

Serious concerns are being raised about how some of Australia's biggest companies are planning for a clean energy future.


China deal-maker HNA Group hits the brakes

The Australian, 14 July 2017

One of China’s most prolific overseas acquirers, the airlines-and-hotels conglomerate HNA Group, is drastically slowing its deal-making, suggesting that a Beijing government crackdown on debt might be crimping its global ambitions.


Australian dollar surges past US78¢ to a two-year high after disappointing US economic data

The Courier Mail, 16 July 2017

The Aussie traded as high as US78.34¢ on Friday night, up from a low of US76.75¢ the previous day. The spike came as the greenback slumped to a 10-month low after US inflation and retail figures missed market expectations.


Agriculture & Food

Wattle Health moves to secure China market, 12 July 2017

Wattle Health Australia shares have soared after the infant formula supplier acquired a stake in Australian infant formula maker Blend & Pack, helping to secure its business in China.


Australian wines the best in Chile, 11 July 2017

Taylors Wines from South Australia's Clare Valley have picked up two Great Gold medals and two Silver medals at the prestigious Catad'Or Wine Awards in Chile.


Australia's Bellamy's extends share freeze, awaits progress on China licence suspension

Reuters, 10 July 2017

Infant formula maker Bellamy's Australia Ltd said it has requested an extension of a share trading halt as it seeks more information about China's decision to suspend the import licence of its newly-acquired Australian cannery.



China's Biggest Wind-Turbine Maker Expands in Philippines, Australia

Bloomberg, 12 July 2017

Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., China’s biggest wind-turbine maker, is expanding its footprint abroad with new deals in the Philippines and Australia.


Battery ‘to unlock more investment’

The Australian, 10 July 2017

The world’s largest lithium ion battery, to be built in South Australia in a joint project by US billionaire Elon Musk’s company Tesla, will unlock more investment in renewable energy in the state, Premier Jay Weatherill says.


Investors pour $1.5bn into Australian solar and wind energy in Q2

Renew Economy, 10 July 2017

Australia has recorded a significant “bounce-back” in renewable energy investment in the second quarter of 2017, with $1.5 billion poured into big solar and wind projects from April to June, a 77 per cent year-on-year increase.


IEA warns on global supply squeeze as energy investment tanks

The Australian, 12 July 2017

An almost 20 per cent fall in global energy investment over the past three years could lead to oil and electricity shortages and there are concerns about whether current business models will encourage sufficient levels of spending in the future, according a new international report.


Retail & Tourism

China frees Crown Resorts workers, including 2 Australians

ABC News, 12 July 2017

China on Wednesday released 10 employees of Australia's Crown Resorts Ltd., including two Australian citizens, after they completed nine months in prison for organizing gambling tours in violation of China's strict gaming laws.


Stripe deal opens door to China for e-retailers

The Australian, 11 July 2017

Australia’s online retailers have received a welcome shot in the arm with a global deal between Alipay and WeChat Pay opening up access to more than one billion Chinese consumers.


CBRE says more offshore retailers to set up shop in Australia

The Australian, 13 July 2017

More international retailers will set up shop in Australia over the coming years while offshore brands that have already arrived will expand into more cities, ­according to research from real estate giant CBRE.


Australian malls turn to village life as local retailers feel pinch from global rivals

Straits Times, 16 July 2017

SYDNEY (AFP) - As Australia's local merchants struggle with an influx of global names, leading malls are considering returning to their village centre roots to woo new tenants by moving away from shops and offering medical facilities, more restaurants and even amusement parks.


Chinese tourism continues to boost Australian economy: Economist

China Daily, 14 July 2017

SYDNEY — The boom in Chinese tourism to Australia is continuing to provide a huge boost to the Australian economy, an economist at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia said on Friday.



Austrade China mission targets flight-training demand

The Australian, 14 July 2017

Australia’s aviation training providers are trying to steal a march on rivals from the US and other nations in tapping China’s aviation boom.




China Domestic

Why China censors banned Winnie the Pooh

BBC, 17 July 2017

The blocking of Winnie the Pooh might seem like a bizarre move by the Chinese authorities but it is part of a struggle to restrict clever bloggers from getting around their country's censorship.


Sunac to Pay Record $9.3 Billion for Wanda Hotels, Theme Parks

Bloomberg, 10 July 2017

Sunac China Holdings Ltd. agreed to buy hotels, land and projects from Dalian Wanda Group Co. for 63.2 billion yuan ($9.3 billion) in China’s largest property deal, as billionaire Chairman Sun Hongbin moves to take advantage of competitors shedding assets.


In the Future, Chinese People Will Sell Their Data for Cash

Sixth Tone, 15 July 2017

These days, every footprint we leave online can be monetized. This notion first struck me when I established my data firm, Chengtai, in 2010.


Xi’an Tells Popular Social Media Users to Report Themselves

Sixth Tone, 14 July 2017

As if net users weren’t anxious enough about their social media follower count, Xi’an-based users of microblogging platform Weibo now have to register with the authorities if they have more than 30,000 fans.