Golden Dragons: The Spending Habits Of Chinese Tourists In Australia

How well are you serving Chinese tourists?  

The 19,000 Chinese visitors that come to Australia every week are the highest spending segment of the tourist market, laying out almost $8,000 per person, a third more than either Americans or Britons.

Retailers, travel company operators, hoteliers and restaurateurs see the enormous potential of this market segment.  Finding information about the buying habits of Chinese tourists can be challenging.  The best data is often in Chinese and behind China’s internet firewall, in online discussion forums and industry surveys.

Australian businesses continually describe three problems about capturing and serving inbound Chinese tourist customers:
1.    We don’t know what they want.
2.    We don’t know how to capture their attention or get them to notice us.
3.    We don’t understand the way they make their buying decisions.

The problem that’s usually NOT discussed is the underlying assumption that the organization itself is not smart enough, sophisticated enough, or well-resourced enough to effectively address the Chinese tourist market.  

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