Making It In China: The Secrets Of Australia's Top Brands

With the signing of the China Australia Free Trade Agreement, the Lucky Country has become the West’s primary gateway to the world’s second largest economy.  Some of Australia’s companies are already showing the way to success.

This report takes a look at 10 of Australia’s most successful brands in China.  Our observation is that these companies have mastered four aspects of their interaction with Chinese customers:  Message (what they say and how they say it), Market (the niche they’re selling into), Merchandise (what they’ve got to sell), and Mechanism (how they conduct that actual transaction).

In general, all firms that are successful in entering the Chinese market are good at all four elements – none, for instance, is offering a poor quality product or communicating in a bad way.  But some firms excel in a particular area more than others, and some offerings lend themselves to one type of strategy more than another.

Australian firms have benefitted from the country’s image of a producer of clean, green, high-quality goods, and as well as being the part of the English-speaking world that’s closest to China.

We have chosen 10 of the most successful and iconic Australian brands (two of which are actually Australian!) and examined how they have unlocked the potential of the Chinese market.

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