The Wild, Wild East 20 March 2017


Foreigners buy one in 10 homes adding pressure on government’s affordability package

The Australian, 14 March 2017

The junior minister in charge of the government’s housing affordability package has refused to say whether the government will tighten foreign investment rules, after new figures revealed foreigners bought more than one in 10 homes in NSW between July and September last year.


Australia tops the list for Asia-Pacific real estate investors

The Australian, 16 March 2017

Australia is the top cross-border investment destination among investors in the Asia-Pacific for the second year running, according to a survey by real estate firm CBRE.


Fed rate rise boosts Australian property interest

SMH, 17 March 2017

Australian property is expected to be a beneficiary of the lower for longer global interest rate environment as investors seek out the stable, safe haven that bricks and mortar offer.


Melbourne still top spot for Chinese buyers with Hobart rising

AFR, 16 March 2017

Despite slugging overseas buyers with the biggest new tax hit, Melbourne remains the most sought-after location for mainland Chinese property investment, according to new data compiled by REA Group, operator of


Federal government wants to clamp down on foreign buyers

Your Mortgage, 14 March 2017

The federal government is preparing to roll out a new proposal which would ban foreign investors from purchasing more than half the homes or apartments in any new development.


Foreigners buying 11pc of NSW homes

AFR, 14 March 2017

The NSW government is under pressure to lift stamp taxes for foreign home buyers after new figures showed they account for 11 percent of all sales.


How Australia's best houses are being sold on Chinese social media site WeChat

AFR, 13 March 2017

Imagine flicking through properties on your phone. Let's say you're laid back in your Eames chair, surrounded by your Qing Dynasty porcelain, sipping your Five Star Maotai and indulging in a bout of WeChat surfing.


Sydney office towers to outstrip house price growth

AFR, 13 March 2017

The steep rise in rents and capital values for office towers in Sydney will make it one of the world's fast-growing markets this year.


Nearly 80% Of Chinese Buyers Can’t Settle On Apartments Bought Off-The-Plan

Your Invest Property, 13 March 2017

Almost 80% of Chinese buyers can’t settle on the Australian apartments they’ve bought off-the-plan, with many wishing they could walk away from the contracts, said an investment expert.


Banks closing the door on property investors

The Motley Fool, 15 March 2017

As we warned yesterday, it was only a matter of time before Australia’s largest property lenders began making life more difficult for investors.


Investors in Australia eye less conventional finance options

Property Investor Today, 14 March 2017

With banks in Australia continuing to tighten their investor lending criteria, a growing number of investors looking to invest in property Down Under are turning to second-tier lenders to bridge the gap.


Overvalued but no property crash on the horizon

AFR, 15 March 2017

The bad news for would-be homeowners is that on a range of measures Australian property is still overpriced. The good news, at least for those that own a house, is there's not going to be a crash.


Currency & Financial

Chinese group launches fund in Australia, eyes infrastructure

Reuters, 16 March 2017

Chinese group, the Global CEO Fortune Club, on Thursday launched its first overseas fund with an aim to invest in Australian infrastructure projects.


AMP our best hope when it comes to China growth opportunity

AFR, 13 March 2017

With so many Australian financial services companies winding back or limiting their ambitions in China, it is easy to forget the magnitude of the opportunity in that country and what can happen if you get it right.


澳高官:澳愿参与“一带一路”建设 欢迎中国企业赴澳投资


新华社北京3月18日电(记者 白洁)澳大利亚贸易、旅游和投资部长史蒂夫·乔博日前表示,澳大利亚企业对中国正在推进的“一带一路”建设具有浓厚兴趣,愿积极参与其中。他同时欢迎中国企业赴澳投资。






Agriculture & Food

Foreign investment critical , expert says, 16 March 2017

In the last two years, overseas investors have spent $21billion on six Australian companies, buying up in energy utility, power transmission, consumer stables, infrastructure and property sectors, all companies highly prised for their growth potential.


Blackmores fined in China for misleading advertising

AFR, 16 March 2017

Vitamins firm Blackmores has been fined $65,000 by authorities in China for misleading advertising, prompting the company to toughen up its own internal procedures in the crucial market.


Overseas fund splurges $50m on our cattle

NT News, 14 March 2017

CANADA’s biggest pension fund has splurged $50 million on two cattle stations near Alice Springs, positioning itself for the lucrative China market.



Grains, Sugar Company COFCO Australia Debuts in IBISWorld List

Grain Central, 14 March 2017

COFCO (Australia) Pty Ltd has made it into the IBISWorld Australia’s Top 1000 Companies List for the first time, according to 2016 rankings released last week.



The Drinks Business, 02 March 2017

New figures from Vinexpo predict that wine sales in China will grow by 39.8% in the next three years, leading the country to become the world’s second largest wine market after the US.


Macquarie analysts run numbers on potential Nufarm acquisitions

AFR, 14 March 2017

Don't forget about Nufarm as a player in the unfolding global agriculture chemicals consolidation.


China Financial Clamp Down Having Mixed Impact on Investment in Australian Ag

Beef Central, 15 March 2017

Recent regulatory changes in China restricting funds movements outside the country are having some short-term impacts on investment in Australian agriculture, property sector stakeholders have reported.




Chow Tai Fook Enterprises buys Australia's Alinta Energy

Reuters, 16 March 2017

By Jamie FreedSYDNEY, March 16 (Reuters) - Hong Kong'sChow Tai Fook Enterprises (CTFE) on Thursday said it had agreed to purchase Australian gas and electricity retailer Alinta Energy, in a deal two sources familiar with the situation said was valued at about A$4 billion ($3 billion).



Retail & Tourism

Massive new investment in hotel development highlights sustained strength of Australian tourism

Hospitality Net, 15 March 2017

The Australian hotel industry is responding to continued record international visitor growth with a record level of hotel investment – over $8 billion – that is set to transform Australia's accommodation and tourism sectors.


China e-commerce confusion catches Australian retailers on the hop

Reuters, 15 March 2017

An army of informal travelling shopping agents, known as "daigou", meanwhile has continued to grow


Racehorse stallions an increasingly popular investment

The Australian, 13 March 2017

Racehorse stallions are becoming an increasingly popular investment asset and one of the bloodstock industry’s emerging young studs, Newgate, is backed by the wealthiest Australian working on Wall Street.


Chinese lead massive tourist influx as Australians move out, 14 March 2017

CHINESE visitors have ramped up their travel to Australia at the same time as more and more Aussies move out.


Chinese tourism 'Down Under' soars on Australia-China aviation links

NIKKEI Asian Review, 14 March 2017

Visitor numbers are rising, but industry must work to leverage Chinese tourism interest


Chinese spend leads the way in $39bn tourism bonanza

The Australian, 15 March 2017

Chinese visitor spending helped pump up the nation’s economy to the tune of $39.1 billion last year, showing growth of 7 per cent, but British holidaymaker spending dropped, as did visitor nights.




The growth of independent travel from China’s lower-tier cities is outpacing that in Shanghai, Beijing, and other first-tier cities, according to a report jointly conducted by Tianxun, Skyscanner’s Chinese entity, and UnionPay’s big data subsidiary, UnionPay Smart. Among other topics, the report also looks into the seasonality, gender ratios, shopping behaviour, and popular airlines among Chinese independent travellers between January and October 2016. While most of the findings are consistent with what travel patterns China’s jetsetters are already known to have, the data produces a few surprises.


China Domestic

Chinese Leaders Back Bankruptcies for Unwanted Zombie Firms

Bloomberg, 14 March 2017

China is getting serious about dealing with so-called zombie companies through court-led bankruptcies as it seeks to cut overcapacity in industries and boost economic growth.


After $225 Billion in Deals Last Year, China Reins In Overseas Investment

The New York Times, 12 March 2017

BEIJING — China struck $225 billion in deals to acquire companies abroad last year, a record-breaking number that signaled to the world that Chinese business leaders were hot to haggle.


Top nine priorities of govt for 2017

China Daily, 05 March 2017

1 Pushing ahead with the five priority tasks through reform


Chinese police chief Wang Jun Ren jailed for buying Australian real estate with corrupt money

SMH, 18 March 2017

Beijing: A senior Chinese policeman has been jailed for 17 years for embezzling money to buy two Australian homes for his two daughters.


China's Premier to Visit Australia Next Week to Push Trade

Bloomberg, 17 March 2017

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will make his first trip to Australia since taking office in 2013 as part of efforts to promote free trade, Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said in a statement.