The Wild Wild East 8 August 2017


As Beijing gets tough Wanda tests market for $2 billion Australian exit

AFR, 8 August 2017

China's Dalian Wanda Group, which is under pressure to crimp its offshore expansion and facing a freeze on bank lending at home, is fielding offers for its two giant development projects in Australia.

Australia's office market filling up again with supply at historic lows
AFR, 2 Aug 2017

Office towers around Australia are filling up as future supply slips to about half its historical average and businesses continue to hold onto or in some cases expand their accommodation requirements.


Property's big switch from investor to owner occupier loans

ABC Online, 2 Aug 2017

A leopard may not be able to change its spots, but it seems property investors can easily change the purpose of their loans.

Heat on RBA as residential property borrowing hits a record
AFR, 31 July 2017

Residential property borrowing continues to grow despite repeated attempts by regulators to jawbone banks and borrowers into cutting back, according to official statistics.


ANZ says Canada-style property tax unlikely to work as well in Australia
AFR, 1 Aug 2017

Taxes on foreign purchases are unlikely to slow Australia's rapid housing price growth as much as in Canada because the restrictions on foreign purchasers are already greater in Australia and the tax imposts are smaller, new ANZ research says.


Shifting real estate debt market in Australia

JJL, 31 July 2017

Recent deals in Australia, including PGIM Real Estate’s provision of AU$70 million in senior debt for a commercial redevelopment in Brisbane, have brought the issue of availability of commercial real estate debt into sharp focus.


Currency & Financial

China pullback won't dent Australia M&A: Minter Ellison
AFR, 31 July 2017

Foreign raiders from Canada, the US and Japan are likely to pick up any of the slack caused by a slowdown in Chinese companies targeting mergers and acquisitions of local firms.


Australia's central bank keeps policy rate, says local currency's strength to weigh on growth

CNBC, 1 Aug 2017

The Reserve Bank of Australia kept its benchmark rate unchanged on Tuesday in a widely expected move.


Chinese private equity Jingyi Group to expand into Australia via TST Partners
AFR, 30 July 2017

Chinese private equity group Jingyi Group, looking to make its first foray into Australia through Melbourne financial services group TST Partners, has entered a proposed agreement to buy out ASX-listed electronics group TTA and its sole warehouse/office building in Thomastown in Melbourne.

Chinese M&A investment in Australian jumps 126pc

The Austrailan, 7 Aug 2017

The value of Chinese investment in Australia has jumped by 126 per cent in the past financial year as the local market remains a favourite destination for Chinese asset buyers.


Chinese Wealth Manager Plans Branches in Australia and Canada

Bloomberg, 3 Aug 2017

Chinese millionaires’ money overseas is backing a local wealth manager’s global expansion even as the government steps up controls on capital outflows.



Cherry exporter rallies home-grown investors

The Australian, 31 July 2017

Australia’s largest cherry exporter is urging the nation’s superannuation and private equity funds to ensure the business remains in Australian hands through a current sale process.


Chinese billionaire tried to sell Van Diemen's Land Company before buying it
AFR, 2 Aug 2017

Even before Lu Xianfeng completed the $280 million purchase of Australia's largest dairy farm in April 2016, the Chinese billionaire was looking to sell.


Growland Group buying 143-hectareWerribee Farm

SMH, 4 Aug 2017

Growland Group, a local developer backed by Asian investors, has entered into exclusive negotiations with a Melbourne family to buy an enormous Werribee farm, not yet zoned for residential redevelopment, for a speculated price of more than $30 million.



Boom iron and coal exports bring first trade surplus in six years

The Australian, 4 Aug 2017

Booming sales of iron ore and coal to China helped deliver the first trade surplus since 2011 over the past year as exports surged by 17 per cent while the nation’s appetite for imports barely changed.


First gas, now power: Malcolm Turnbull calls electricity bosses to Canberra
AFR, 3 Aug 2017

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has ramped up his government's intervention in the energy market by summoning electricity bosses to Canberra next week to demand they give customers the information they need to reduce their power costs.


Retail & Tourism

Here's what Chinese online shoppers like to buy from Australia

Business Insider Australia, 2 Aug 2017

Online shoppers in China have a high regard for Australian products, seeing them as safe and value for money.

Langham hotels eyeing Australia

The Australian, 1 Aug 2017

Hong Kong’s cashed-up Langham Group is on track to expand its hotel empire through a combination of outright purchases and management agreements as it looks at Australian resorts and cities in a bid to compete with big-gun hotel operators such as Marriott and Accor.


GPT pays $680m for Highpoint Shopping Centre stake

The Australian, 1 Aug 2017

A property fund run by sector stalwart the GPT Group has made one of the most expensive shopping mall investments in Australia’s history, snapping up a 25 per cent stake in Melbourne’s Highpoint Shopping Centre, in a $680 million purchase from the city’s wealthy Besen family.


Bubs Australia rockets on infant formula demand

AFR, 6 Aug 2017

Infant formula and organic baby food company Bubs Australia wants to strengthen its Australian domestic presence even though its share price has rocketed 70 per cent in the past week largely on demand for "white gold" from Chinese customers.


Universities set to lose $1.2b in funding under Turnbull government changes

SMH, 6 Aug 2017

Universities would be hit with $1.2 billion in funding cuts under the Turnbull government's higher education changes, with new data showing some institutions are set to lose up to $57 million over the next four years.


China Domestic

"Let's Go, Mantis Shrimp": The Most Trending Chinese Internet Slang of 2017 – Summer Edition

The Beijinger, 19 July 2017

A diet of video games and old movies have influenced the most popular online trends, as seen by a list of the hottest Chinese Internet slang from the first half of this year expected to bewilder anyone not up-to-date on some very obscure references.


Wolf Warrior 2: The nationalist action film storming China

BBC, 4 Aug 2017

"Anyone who offends China will be killed no matter how far the target is."

That is the tagline for Wolf Warriors 2, the Chinese box office hit that is equal parts testosterone-fuelled machismo - think blazing guns, explosions, and tanks - and chest-thumping Chinese patriotism.