The Wild Wild East 03 January 2018


Full recourse home loans lower defaults but may increase risky lending

ABC Online, 27 Dec. 2017

The tune of Jingle Bells is probably still stuck in your mind in the days after Christmas. But around this time a decade ago it was "jingle mail" that was starting to get attention in the US.


One of Australia's most accurate housing market forecasters says he got 2017 wrong because APRA 'acted too early'

Business Insider Australia, 27 Dec. 2017

SQM Research boss Louis Christopher is the first to admit he got it wrong when he forecast Sydney house prices to surge 11 to 16 per cent in 2017.



Newsreport, 28 Dec. 2017

PORT Douglas realtor Steve Doble may be cautiously optimistic, but does believe there is greater international interest in this area following his recent Chinese acquisition involving a block of land on Mowbray Street that sold for $800,000.


A new report reveals China-backed developers are behind the Adelaide apartment boom

The Advertiser, 29 Dec. 2017

ALMOST 30 per cent of CBD apartments under construction in Adelaide are being developed by Chinese interests, an industry report says, with that figure expected to grow as offshore developers circle the Adelaide market.


Real estate experts expect house prices to fall in Sydney, but don’t expect a bargain any time soon, 30 Dec. 2017

REAL estate experts are expecting property prices to fall in 2018 — but not enough to help first home buyers get a foot on the property ladder.



Currency & Financial

Australian economy to become 11th largest, China to be the biggest

The New Daily, 27 Dec. 2017

Australia will become the world’s 11th-biggest economy within a decade, and China will become the largest, a report predicts.


Chinese firms operating in Australia just normal market behavior: experts

Global Times, 27 Dec. 2017

Chinese firms' engagement in Australia, including the reported renting of Australian airports and running of pilot training schools, is normal market practice and there is no need for the Australian media to over-hype and bring national interests into the issue, Chinese experts said.


Slow growth to continue in 2018 and 2019

The Australian, 31 Dec. 2017

Growth is certain to slow, the deceleration likely to be sharper than currently anticipated by markets. Australia's terms of trade and boost from investment from some entities are likely to suffer.




International prices for wool soared to new highs in 2017 thanks to demand from China. Is it enough to call it a boom?

SBS, 26 Dec. 2017

Amid record international wool prices, Australia’s long-struggling wool growers are asking themselves if they should finally be feeling comfortable.


New Agriculture Minister David Littleproud says Australia needs greater investment in ag

The Weekly Times, 26 Dec. 2017

AUSTRALIA shouldn’t be scared of foreign investment in agriculture, the nation’s new agriculture minister says.


Chinese introduce tough new rules for infant formula sales

The Australian, 28 Dec. 2017

But while the Chinese market is large, sellers from Australia and New Zealand face intense competition from European dairy producers.


Across China: Pastures new battleground for Chinese real estate billionaire

Xinhua, 30 Dec. 2017

SHIJIAZHUANG, Dec. 30 (Xinhua) -- When Xu Xiaobo decided to spend all his savings raising cows five years ago, his EMBA classmates thought the real estate tycoon had went crazy.




China's November coal imports from Australia slip on port congestion

The Energy World, 26 Dec. 2017

BEIJING: Chinese imports of coal from key supplier Australia slipped in November from a year ago, customs data showed, hit by heavy traffic congestion in Australian ports.



Retail & Tourism

Chinese Consumers Now Rule the World. Get Used to It

Bloomberg, 28 Dec. 2017

It’s way past time to stop calling China the world’s factory.

The country is increasingly the world’s consumer. Forget the old investment and export-focused growth model. Even more important is the changing nature of consumption, which no longer revolve around staples: Increasing sums are being plowed into movies, tourism and health care. Investors ignore this seismic shift at their peril.


Chinese tourists look beyond the package tour and hit the road

SMH, 01 Jan. 2018

Intrepid Chinese tourists are eschewing the traditional package tour and hitting the bitumen, according to figures showing a sharp rise in those opting for a caravan or camping trip around Australia.




Universities to Crack Down on Overseas Chinese Students' Plagiarism

Sputnik News, 29 Dec. 2017

Ghostwriting and plagiarism are commonplace in Chinese universities, but foreign academia is finally cracking down on the phenomenon.



China Domestic

Watch: Chinese actor's reading of 'Chu Shi Biao' in English goes viral online

People’s Daily China, 29 Dec. 2017

The dramatic reading of "Chu Shi Biao" in English by Chinese actor Wang Luoyong has gone viral on the Internet on Wednesday.