The Wild Wild East 10 January 2018


Hong Kong interests snap up central Sydney office towers

The Australian, 02 Jan. 2018

Hong Kong tycoons and finance houses have set a fierce pace in buying Sydney towers over the past year, and their interest is expected to flow into 2018 as a tide of fresh capital pours out of the territory.


Sydney and Melbourne home prices fall, more declines tipped for 2018

SMH, 03 Jan. 2018

National property markets ended 2017 with a whimper, with half of Australia's capital cities recording falling house prices in December.


'Liberated' by the Chinese: John Holland blossoms under CCCC ownership

AFR, 05 Jan. 2017

When John Holland chief executive Joe Barr walked into the boardroom of Canadian construction group Aecon in November, he faced 40 anxious people in suits.


Harry Triguboff of Meriton keeps a grand vision for development

The Australian, 06 Jan. 2018

Apartment tsar Harry Triguboff will not emulate fellow billionaires Rupert Murdoch and Frank Lowy and sell down his business empire and is instead planning to expand Meriton’s reach to other areas of Sydney, ramping up the workbook with new projects.


Time to say good buy to over-inflated property prices

The Australian, 08 Jan. 2018

Homebuyers are starting to find better deals as the housing market cracks across the country, with some vendors willing to accept prices noticeably lower than this time last year.



Currency & Financial

Bitcoin mania sets tax traps for unwary property sellers

AFR, 05 Jan. 2018

Soaring digital currency prices have forced David Jenkins and his wife Sandra to more than halve the number of bitcoin they're asking for their $5.15 million, four-bedroom, five-bathroom mansion in Queensland's luxury Sovereign Islands.


Property investor Nathan Birch sued over Gold Coast mortgage default

AFR, 04 Jan. 2018

Cracks are appearing in the residential investment market, with well-known Sydney investor Nathan Birch sued by his lender after his company defaulted on a $535,000 high-interest mortgage for a Gold Coast investment property.

Chinese ownership of Merredin airport sparks controversy

The West, 03 Jan. 2018

It’s the rural runway that has been transformed into a multimillion dollar airfield... while Merredin locals love it, others are outraged it's owned by a state-run Chinese company.



Infant formula shake-out in China may cut 85 per cent of brands

AFR, 01 Jan. 2018

Up to 85 per cent of the 2500 infant formula brands competing in the lucrative China market could eventually be locked out under tough new regulations by authorities that came into force on January 1, with some Australian brands likely to be caught up in the global shake-out over the next few months.


Blackmores, Swisse and the battle of China's keyboard warriors

AFR, 03 Jan. 2018

The battle for a bigger chunk of the $20 billion-plus vitamins market in China is increasingly being played out at the keyboard.


The Drinks Business, 04 Jan. 2018

At a time when Australian wine exports to China are at an all time high, China has further reduced tariffs on Australian bottled and bulk wine, which is set to boost Australian wine exports to the country.



Chinese demand to boost commodity export income

The Australian, 06 Jan. 2018

Australia is heading for a resources income boost this financial year as Chinese demand pushes the prices of our four biggest exports — iron ore, coking coal, thermal coal and LNG — beyond expectations.


Retail & Tourism

Hotel plan for Chinese package-deal tourists

Cairns Post, 02 Jan. 2018

A TOUR operator specialising in selling package deals to Chinese visitors wants to build a multistorey apartment complex near the Cairns CBD solely to accommodate tourists.


Priceline Doubles Down on China Under CEO Glenn Fogel

Jing Travel, 03 Jan. 2018

Since he began his tenure as Priceline CEO in January, Glenn Fogel has not shied away from being vocal about Priceline’s and his own hopes for the China outbound tourism market. This is not exactly controversial given the immense potential of growth for the China market in comparison to any other, including the United States. Nonetheless, Fogel has made it clear that substantial challenges remain, and the domestic China market will be largely inaccessible for the foreseeable future. Arguably, the biggest challenge for Priceline is Chinese competitors moving abroad, something that the company has tried to address by investing in and starting partnerships with Chinese firms like Meituan-Dianping and Ctrip.




South China Morning Post, 07 Jan. 2018

On a recent overnight flight from Beijing to Sydney, most of the passengers were mainland Chinese tourists looking forward to a respite of summer sunshine and fun, with some talking excitedly about the upcoming spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks in Sydney, or hot-air ballooning over the Hunter Valley vineyards.


China Domestic

American in Beijing lives his Chinese dream

China Daily, 31 Aug 2017

Terry Crossman has spent 20 years in the city he now calls home


Shaolin monks practise kung fu in the snow

China Daily, 08 Jan. 2018

Shaolin Temple is a Buddhist temple, where monks have been practising martial arts for over 1,500 years. Shaolin kung fu is presented with the movement of human body such as attack, defense and wrestling as its core.