The Wild Wild East 04 April 2018


Two Hong Kong families just bought into Australian casino operator Star

Business Insider Australia, 29 Mar. 2018

The Star just raised $490 million by selling 10% of the casino operator to two Hong Kong-based trading families.


Treasurer approves Unibail-Rodamco's $30bn Westfield takeover

The Australian, 29 Mar. 2018

French shopping centre giant Unibail-Rodamcos 30 billion takeover bid for Westfieldsinternational shopping centre empire has received the green light from federal Treasurer Scott Morrison, as heavyweight offshore fund managers say a rival bid is unlikely to emerge for the Frank Lowy-led mall empire.


Asian investors pump record cash into overseas real estate

Commercial Times, 30 Mar. 2018

Asian investors pumped a record amount of cash into overseas real estate last year and have signalled their intention to channel even more money into the sector in 2018.



Courier Mail, 30 Mar. 2018

CHINESE culture and rapid growth have led to a decline in brand new house and land listings in a bustling suburb dubbed a 'sleeping giant' by local real estate agents.



Currency & Financial

Australia’s alternate CBD’s come first for overseas investors

The Investor, 27 Mar. 2018

Stock shortages and pressure to diversify are forcing overseas investors to look beyond Australia’s major East Coast cities to the country’s other CBD markets.

In Trump’s ‘trade war’, the Australian and Japanese currencies are set to become collateral damage

South China Morning Post, 27 Mar. 2018

A full-blown trade war between China and the United States has not yet broken out and may yet be avoided but there is a whiff of grapeshot in the air. For markets, such an atmosphere does not lend itself easily to an appetite for risk, instead fostering a demand for safe havens.


China-US tariff dispute may fuel Asia-Oceania trade, 27 Mar. 2018

Container volume on the Asia-Australia-New Zealand trade is expected to soar in 2018, and while the 5 to 7 percent growth in demand predicted by carriers will be driven by traditional economic reasons, rising tensions between Beijing and Washington have the potential to further push up China imports on the north-south trade.


Australia Should Chill Out About Chinese Cash, Watchdog Says

Bloomberg, 29 Mar. 2018

Australia needs to be more relaxed about Chinese cash despite the political tensions that come with it, says the head of Australia’s foreign investment watchdog.


China extends 200 bln-yuan currency swap deal with Australia

Reuters, 30 Mar. 2018

BEIJING, March 30 (Reuters) - China’s central bank has extended a bilateral currency swap agreement worth 200 billion yuan ($31.88 billion) with the Reserve Bank of Australia for another three years.




Platform aims to give Chinese customers ‘ownership’ of Aussie beef, on the hoof

By Beef Central, 22 March 2018

A new digital platform launched in Sydney this week aims to give Chinese restaurants and consumers the ability to ‘own and trace’ Australian cattle, sell or share with family and friends, and connect with top chefs and nutritionists.


Grain growers positive about investment choices

The Weekly Times, 27 Mar. 2018

DESPITE  a tough year in parts of Australia and poor prices, some grain growers are looking to increase their landholding and upgrade plant and equipment.



The Drinks Business, 28 Mar. 2018

Comparing China to the ‘wild west’, David Lucas, the newly appointed regional general manager of Greater China for Wine Australia, highlighted the opportunities as well as the dilemmas and nuances of the vast market for producers at a panel discussion hosted by Vinexpo on Tuesday.




Abbott, Joyce urge PM: do more to keep Liddell coal plant open

The Australian, 27 Mar. 2018

UPDATED: Tony Abbott and Barnaby Joyce have both used the Coalition partyroom meeting to urge Malcolm Turnbull to do more to keep the Liddell coal power station open.



Retail & Tourism

China’s young consumers are snubbing foreign brands amid growing national pride, says Credit Suisse

South China Morning Post, 22 Mar. 2018

China is seeing the emergence of a generation of consumers who are more likely to opt for home-made brands, spurred by a growing sense of national pride, according to a survey by Credit Suisse.


Tmall expands overseas with six new centres

WARC, 23 Mar. 2018

HANGZHOU: Tmall Global, the Alibaba-owned online marketplace that specialises in cross-border e-commerce, has announced plans to open six new procurement centres around the world in a move expected to benefit overseas brands.



Commercial Real Estate, 28 Mar. 2018

It turns out that reports of the imminent death of hotels were greatly exaggerated. Overzealous, oversized predictions that the sharing economy would be the death knell of traditional hospitality have not materialised. In fact, the reality is quite the opposite.


Australian businesses set their sights on Chinese tourists

In The Black, 1 Apr. 2018

With 1.3 million Chinese tourists already heading Down Under annually, here’s how Australian operators plan to remain China’s flavour of the month.




International students at risk of exploitation at work

The Australian, 27 Mar. 2018

Most international students attending university are from China, followed by India.



China Domestic

Chinese actor Gao Yunxiang arrested for sexual assault in Sydney hotel

The Strait Times, 29 Mar. 2018

SYDNEY - Chinese actor Gao Yunxiang was arrested after a woman accused him of sexual assault in Sydney on Monday (March 26), said Australian reports.