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Pursuing Mandates

Every corporate advisory engagement starts with a mandate, either from a client or from internal stakeholders. Getting a mandate to acquire a company, restructure operations, enter a new market, or obtain funding is often a complex and time-consuming process. CBM provides tools to make this process easier and more certain.

Expanded Capabilities. In referring to CBM team members, you can demonstrate a wider array of capabilities than you would have without them, expanding the scope of what you can offer your clients and stakeholders.

A Team. You can use CBM biographies and photographs in your pitch, to demonstrate to clients and stakeholders that you have the backing, expertise and manpower needed to deliver on the proposed project.

Strategy Development

The first question that clients and stakeholders always ask after agreeing to go forward with a project is “How will this all work?” CBM helps you answer that question with detailed analysis and persuasive documentation.

Modelling. Complex financial modelling is a mainstay of most corporate advisory engagements and it’s usually the case that whoever controls the spreadsheet controls the engagement. CBM can provide modelling expertise that allows you to plot a deal strategy that works for your client, and that allows you to keep control of the process.

Commercialisation & Market Entry Plans. Clients often have only the vaguest idea of what they’d like to accomplish in terms of commercialising a particular line of business, or entering a new market. CBM can help you develop implementable plans that give your client a concrete way forward.

Deal Strategy. Good deals don’t complete themselves, and often it takes significant planning to identify receptive counterparties and plot out an appropriate way forward. CBM has the experience and networks to help you find the best way of getting your deal through to close.

Transaction Support

Once a mandate is in place, the heavy lifting of deal management and execution begins, creating a huge obstacle for smaller practitioners without a big team to support them. The CBM team is on call as and when you need them, for discrete tasks or for longer-term engagements.

Debt, Equity & Government Funding. Whether it’s debt from a bank or a non-bank lender, a structured finance deal, or a straight equity deal, CBM understands the practical steps required to get to a financial close. We also help our clients tap into government funding, which can be a significant and often-overlooked source of capital.

Business Plan & Investment Memorandum Drafting. The challenges of creating written materials for presentation to clients, regulators and capital sources are significant. The time required, as well as the skills and commercial judgment needed to create something compelling, are not easy to find. CBM gives you access to people who have done it before, and who can help create business plans, investment memoranda and presentations that get attention and support significant investment decisions.

Deal Management & Due Diligence Support. At the end of the day, deals are projects that require detailed management. The CBM team can help you drive your deal to financial close, and support the necessary due diligence along the way.

Project Implementation

Project Management. Once investment has been secured, many clients are at a loss as to how to manage implementation of their project, and they look to their investment advisers for support. This process can be time consuming, and requires a high degree of attention to detail. CBM can provide top-tier project managers that you can use to keep your client’s project on time and on budget.

Commercial Negotiations. A problem that often faces investment professionals is commercial deficiencies in their client’s business. For instance, investors may demand that a long-term production off take agreement be in place before they will invest, and the client may not have the commercial nous to obtain such an agreement. CBM’s team is focused on overcoming hurdles like this that can keep good projects from being funded.

Interim Executives. Every investment professional appreciates the importance of management teams in the investment process - investors want to invest in companies and projects that are managed by top-tier professionals. CBM can help round out teams that may be missing a CFO, COO or other key executive by providing interim support to the client, and helping find a suitable permanent executive.