Juwai Workshop - June 28, Sydney

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Juwai Workshop - June 28, Sydney


Juwai.com is the hottest Chinese site for selling Aussie real estate.

Come learn how Australian property professionals can use Juwai to sell more to Chinese investors.

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  • Come explore the hottest digital channel for selling Australian property to Chinese buyers - Juwai.  
  • Follow in the footsteps of companies like Ausin and Ironfish that have made millions by selling to Chinese real estate investors.  
  • Juwai helps you with translation, listing properties on the Chinese side of the Great Firewall, and targeted advertising to the Chinese buyers who most want to buy Aussie properties.

When:    5:30 pm to 7:30 pm June 28

Where:  Offices of Statecraft, Level 6, 50 Pitt Street, Sydney CBD